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  1. I didn’t use loctite either, of it ever loosened up I can always add it later.
  2. Just installed my tube, a few observations: my factory tube had a ton of locktite, heat gun worked but took a good effort. the tube color is close, not exact- not too worried but just FYI. the large nut that threads on to the end of the tube and holds the barrel ring in place was not easy to thread on, not sure why. I had no problem loading seven shells, definitely happy I did this.
  3. Winter camp out with the boy scout troop allowed some free time so out came my Citori 725, SBE3 and my brand new M4 to shoot clays. Now first thing I did when I got my M4 was to tear it apart and lube the bolt, any rails or bolt contact points in the receiver and trigger group. The boys all have different abilities and most are young- but both Benelli's only shot inexpensive low velocity clay loads and not one malfunction. If there was an issue with shooting low recoil loads we would have seen it. Learn how and where to lube and that should solve most issues.
  4. Got me thinking, could any LEO order this sort of stuff for personal use then? Department use would obviously be fine, but I would assume the gun laws we have to abide by would also be applicable to all when it come to personal use.
  5. Valid points, thanks for posting. I guess I am just leery if I actually completed the order, my paranoid mind would be worried someone would knock on my door and bust me for pretending I was a LEO. Then again, it is not an illegal item that is ONLY ever available to law enforcement.
  6. Ok, this might not be the most well received question but I'm going to ask anyway. I was looking at picking up a C-stock for my new M4, knowing full well the cost of these is sort of silly. I ran across a website that sells benelli accessories and a few items are for law enforcement only (C-stock one of them), but figured I would have to enter a bunch of LE info and that just wouldn't work. After checking the box saying I am a LE officer, it lets me go all the way through the order process and never asks for any LE confirmation. I would consider my self a normal law abiding citizen, as most on here would be. I wondered what ramifications would be likely if ever called out on this? I didn't hit the final "place order" button, and maybe I would be stopped there anyway. I can order the exact same part through other websites at much higher cost that have no "LE" question. What would you do?
  7. Yeah, I think you are right. I went ahead and picked up an all black one on Friday, threw some shells through it Saturday and it ran with no trouble, even the low brass cheap ones.
  8. Thanks for the replies, good way of looking at the situation. It seems like the FDE is a free upgrade then, but you have to want the color. May have to look at it in person-pics look like a darkish brown to darkish green depending on the website. Still seems like the H2O version is more marketing than function if it’s only the aluminum parts that are coated like the FDE, maybe the FDE isn’t selling well and Cabela’s is keeping the price point the same as the black to move them?
  9. I am in the process of buying an M4 from Bass Pro or Cabelas (I have tons of reward points to use) and noticed the normal Black and FDE Cerakote models are the same price, while the H2O (also just cerakote) is $200 more. I was planning on just buying the black pistol grip version, but thought I would ask if the FDE Cerakote would be better since there is no price difference. I'm partial to the look of the all black but if there is a real benefit to the Cerakote the FDE isn't bad looking. This is just going to be a HD shotgun, have always wanted one. I have 2 870's, a SBE3 and some others for outside use. Thanks for the help.
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