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  1. I got my BFG this week after reading all the recommendations on here. Now I think I'm wishing I'd got the sewn in QD model like you run because I don't love how the webbing/buckle attaches through the sling loop.
  2. If you were home I'd let you! Get back safe
  3. You might just call to verify the lead time (if you haven't already). Mine shipped a lot faster than I was expecting. Also, their website only shows a 20-45 day lead time. Not sure if you're ordering something special for a 3 month wait
  4. Thanks but I ordered one from FFT as soon as I saw they had them in stock. If I mangle the one I have while drilling/tapping, I'll reach out
  5. Thank you. I'd found them at Midwest Gun Works for $44, but also on sold out. Wasn't sure if this was another Geissele hammer scenario or I just didn't know where to look. I'll check out Numrich
  6. Does anyone know where I can find a stock replacement for my bolt release button? I don't want to drill and tap my current one to install my oversized release until I know I can take it back to stock if I ever wanted to.
  7. It's going to break my heart if you color over that FDE. I was trying to find one for quite a while when I finally settled for my M1014. I'd be tempted to offer to buy yours so you could buy a plain jane one
  8. I did it w/o. Was planning on using it but StrangerDanger and CarrierComp's own instructions say you can skip it
  9. Similarities: I was slightly disappointed in the tube color match. I'm a bit...particular about stuff like that, but I got over it fairly quickly My magazine cap also was harder to screw on Loaded 7 with ease and am very happy Differences: I had almost no loctite on mine. The tube threads had no residue and there was very little in the receiver.
  10. Let us know how it goes. I used a heat gun on high temp, low fan
  11. I didn't use a vice or have an extra set of hands. Did it all at my kitchen table. Maybe I was just lucky or did it a non-recommended way, but I applied the heat and it came loose fairly easily after 5 minutes.
  12. Got mine in the mail today. Took me about 30 minutes to tear down and install. Biggest headache was getting that spring retainer clip out. My snap ring pliers kept slipping off. Huge thanks to @StrangerDanger for his writeup from 2011. The gift that keeps on giving.
  13. This is the brand that came highly and widely recommended when I was looking to convert to 7 rounds. I don't have the H2O, but the link takes you to their finish for the H2O https://www.shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=5&categoryId=4
  14. If I'm understanding your question correctly, while holding the button in, turn the stock to the right, push up (towards the receiver), turn it back to the left, and then pull it off
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