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  1. I spoke to Robby Baldridge <[email protected]> If push comes to shove, let me know if you want me to physically give him or the receptionist your info. You can just PM me. Its not a problem, I work literally less than 10 minutes away and its on my commute.
  2. That setup is intense. wow. now I HAVE to get a surefire haha. what sight is that if you dont mind me asking?
  3. So I just stopped by Briley. They took care of me, as expected. I didn’t pay, and any one else dealing with the same issue should just an email. I asked, they’ll just send out an adapter
  4. I’m not paying for them fixing their defective hand guard. Just depends on you though I guess. Not trying to be snarky, I honestly don’t understand how any company would expect you to pay in this situation. I’m not even going to install it, I’ll let them do it
  5. So I got an email back from briley. The adaptors should be in this week. They are being anodized. that being said, if you refer to the date of my original post, I was told the hand guards were also being anodized and would be out in a couple weeks initially. They ended up coming out weeks later. i work with metal, it doesn’t take a couple of weeks, typically, to get something anodized. Turnaround is usually a week at the most. I’ll keep y’all posted to see if this time they stick to the week lead time.
  6. Your gonna need to have a lot of kids
  7. Been actually looking at the 640DF from Surefire. This is a nice list. I appreciate you doing my homework haha. Definitely need to need to take a closer look at Arisaka. I have a few adaptors from them. They are rock solid and really top notch. Thanks for the input
  8. Im eager to see what their fix is. I completely understand there being a hiccup here and there when it comes to a new product. These folks are pretty sharp, Im sure they can help us out and will wait with enthusiasm. That being said, I hope they can help us before total lockdown in Houston with respect to COVID-19. Ill give them shout Monday. I drove by earlier this week and they were open.
  9. range panda. they literally bounce a hammer on the thing in their promo video and it maintains its shape. highly recommend. I even keep it on in my pelican case
  10. So I took my M4 back to Briley. I told them my handguard was "loose" and I tightened up the screws on it. It still wiggled a little, talking maybe .0625" or less of play, so I wanted them to take a look at it since my job is right down the road. Turns out the gunsmith wants to make a "batch of adaptors" to make it completely fixed. I'm supposed to email him next week to check if they are ready. All good though, I am glad they are proactive on fixing a new product and excited to see what they can do to improve it. Problem is I'm pretty sure Houston is gonna be on "lockdown" by then. Hope n
  11. From what I can tell it’s tightening against a sort of shim on either side of where a front sling would go. The screws don’t make contact themselves. I don’t think Briley maybe wanted to mar the screws so the just sorta hand tightened them. I tightened them and then shot a little. Stayed put. I really have to shoot a bunch to see how this thing handles it.
  12. More pics SRO2, Fortis grip, benelli muzzle brake
  13. Yes it is. It feels good. Had to tighten it a little as far as the front screws go. It’s solid though
  14. So this my M4 with the mlok handguard from briley. Also has the match trigger, a & s trigger guard, extended safety, and opened loading port. will post a couple more pics when I get home. I’ve got just a couple more things like a front grip
  15. Not sure if anybody is on the up and up yet. Have been in touch with Briley and they should be rolling out their MLOK handguard in the next couple weeks for the M4
  16. I spoke to Briley since December of last year. They started production of their m4 MLOK handguard early this year. Ive been in contact with them and as of last week, they sent their first batch to get anodized. I dropped off my m4, I work right down the road from them, to get the loading port opened, switch to an A and S enhanced trigger guard, extended safety, and get this MLOK handguard in black.
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