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    New uppers

    How do you go about getting uppers in different calibers? I have the 300 wm, but am thinking about the 30-06 or .308. I have googled it up so far and not really any options on the uppers. Also, I field stripped my R1 and cleaned it. It was jamming after I attempted to shoot it suppressed. Don't try to shoot it suppressed - it can't be done unless you are a gunsmith and are willing to figure it out and make special springs etc. Also, it never jammed until I shot it suppressed. I think the back blast of gases was increased and blew more dirt into the action. Also, does anyone have a link to how
  2. My 300 WM loves Hornady 165 gr SST. It's a tack driver at 100 yds. This guy wrote a really good post on the ammo, his methodology and his results. We should all be so compulsive. I have only shot this ammo from my R1 (after reading his report) although now that Hornady stopped making this ammo, I may go to Winchester 180 gr next. My son loves this rifle because its accurate and powerful. We have shot deer and hogs with it. I haven't done any shooting at longer ranges, but if it gets 1/2 at 100 yds, it should be good for longer ranges with this ammo. Hope this helps... https://www
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