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  1. @StrangerDanger Yea It doesn’t look easy at all. I figured I’ll just buy it and then when I’m ready I’ll get in contact with you in the future and send it back out to install if that’s ok with you.
  2. I will keep you in mind in case I get rid of it. I’ll add you
  3. @RPC I would need both. I apologize. I have seen websites that sell the three position but maybe currently out of stock. But I couldn’t find any non adjustable
  4. @StrangerDanger I would love the np3+ I just want it to have incase... let me know what you need from me? Im new to this forum....
  5. Hey guys I’m also in Cali and was looking for a non adjustable recoil tube. The tube that came on my m4 is a three position. Does anybody have one for sale or know where I can buy one?
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