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  1. @Steve Rose Was that for the M4 or M1 barrel? I have a M1 and I believe you told me it would not work for the M1 factory barrel. Maybe I misunderstood, I hope so. Thanks
  2. I"m no gunsmith, but I would think since it is the same M4 whether it shipped with the 18" barrel and then cut by Benelli/Berreta, that it should not affect the ARGO system. I believe I have read on here or other forums, if you go shorter than 14 then you can start to have some cycling issues and the round type can affect it. I have not tested or seen any of this in action, so this is purely based on other threads I have read. There are plenty of shops that will cut your barrel; Briley, Rose Action, Van Comp, etc. Getting it threaded is where it gets tricky.
  3. Roger that. I reached out to Van Comp, so we will see that they come back with.
  4. @DFWSFO Thanks for pulling me in This is great to hear. Steve at Rose Action got back to me last night and said no go on threading a M1 Super 90 14" factory barrel as it is too thin for Crio chokes. He advised they can do a Tru-Choke on a Benelli barrel, but SilencerCo doesn't have a Tru-Choke adapter for the Salvo. So I need to ping SilencerCo and see if there are any updates on that front. @jimbo45 Which barrel model and length did you send them? I have a M1 Super 90 and considering buying the 14" barrel for it therefore this is very interesting to me.
  5. Forgot to ask...the thought of having a custom barrel had to come to mind, but wasn't sure where to start. I did a bit of googling on it and most things I found were custom Trap/Skeet barrels so more in the 30+" range. Who did you custom 14" barrel and was it a pain? I assume pricey, but hopefully not too bad.
  6. Hmm...that is good to know. I have read Briley can/can't do it, but that may have been dated posts. I should reach out directly and figure it out for sure. I emailed with Steve at Rose Action last night and he advised the M1 barrel is too thin. He said it could be threaded for Tru-Choke, but SilencerCo doesn't make Tru-Choke for the Salvo. So they are my next email, just to ask the question. I will be sure and follow up if/when I learn anything of value.
  7. I actually just found that listing as well. Do you happen to know about the make up of those barrels? Threaded or able to be threaded? Thanks for sending over.
  8. @Arch Stanton Did you ever have any success with this? I'm actually looking for an 14" barrel. But wanted to ask about your barrel, is it threaded or any idea if it is thick enough to thread? I'm looking to add a SilencerCo Salvo, but needs to be threaded. Everything I have read, says the walls are too thin at 14". Honestly, up until this post and other research I wasn't aware Benelli made a 14" barrel. The fact they are made for LE would assume they might have threading available for various breaching attachments. Open to any ideas or thoughts.
  9. Quick follow up...did someone successfully find or cut a barrel down to 14-16" and get it threaded? To my knowledge as others stated, Benelli barrels are too thin in that range to cut and thread. I'm interested in getting a 14" barrel for my M1 Super 90 threaded for my Salvo. Any updates on shops doing the work of specific barrels out there would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Looks great. I'm rocking an old school M1 Super 90 with my Salvo, 18" barrel and currently 12" Salvo. I think I will go down to 8" Salvo as I've read it still does a pretty good job with suppression at that length. I have considered chopping the barrel for an SBS. Maybe 14" with 12" Salvo? The problem I'm hearing is that the Benelli barrels are too thin at that point and they can't thread them. Do you all or others have any insight on whether that can be done? I will get a photo of mine and get it back up on here.
  11. That is pretty impressive and sounds like he has a good "eye" for it. I know there is a lot of debate on this very topic out there. I shoot more Trap than anything else, but have done some sporting clays from time to time. I have been going with Skeet choke on top and IM on bottom. I'm by no means great at it, but for me I would prefer to keep the same chokes for each station. A little more realistic from a hunting standpoint.
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