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  1. YMEJake


    It seems that the Federals are the culprit in that an inner plastic cup is used to cap the powder and little shards of that seem to follow but don''t get out the barrel but fall down into the gun fouling the trigger/hammer assemblies and stop the firing pin? When we take it apart, there were a bunch of them in there and we figure they are stopping it from shooting. Last night was really the worst, shooting better ammo is probably the answer. Cheap ammo works in most guns but not this one. I am buying Winchester AA's for Preston for the rest of the season. His entry fee covers the cost of ammo but maybe we can use that for practice in other guns. Thanks so much for the quick responses. Great forum. Thanks again, have a great day, Jake.
  2. YMEJake


    My grandson worked on the farm picking rocks and more to purchase this for shooting Trap in the Minnesota High School League. Tonight I watched as his 12 ga Benelli Montefeltro mis-fired 5 or 6 times within 50 shots. They are shooting some cheaper federal ammo but come on, that seems ridiculous for a shotgun in this price range. Another on the team has the same problem. Might be the ammo, but nobody else has problems. The worst part is that he seems to loose confidence or rhythm and misses quite a few after this happens. 3 misses for sure that one time. He is chasing that elusive 25 hits and this gun is really hurting him. Is there a cure or should I just buy some more expensive ammo? He likes the gun to the point when I offered him my Browning over and under, he wouldn't try it. Pride of ownership I guess and I like that. He has another shoot on Monday, HELP!!!!
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