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  1. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    well at least on a positive note, won't be out of slugs for a while.
  2. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    I tried another co. on ammo seek they sent me federal slugs but not the truballs they claim were in stock,, sent me federal power shok 1610 fps. so yesterday got an email from Bass pro they sent out my 100 rounds of federal tru balls, were back ordered for 6 weeks. my last order from them was correct. learned my lesson from ordering ammo on line from places I don't know.
  3. I ordered my cc tube june 3rd. will post my turn around time.
  4. my son was in the marines was able to handle an m4 while deployed. he talked about it often to me. so i picked one up at a gun store a few years ago and had to have one even at my age. no regreats, just hope my wife doesn't sell it for what she thinks i paid for it.
  5. Don't feel bad,i'm 66, retired , I push the hell out of myself 250 push ups every day pull ups every day.always running through the woods with my dogs. climb trees just because i can. my wife thinks I take it way to far. and asked me why do you still shoot your weapons so often? I tell her, because I can and I don't want to grow up. and get to old to shoulder a rifle without a sling. I know that day will catch me but trying to postpone it awhile longer.
  6. I'M afraid it's just getting started.
  7. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    Well. my slugs showed up friday, they wern't 1600 fps truball. they are federal tactical 1300 fps slugs. doesn't match my order invoice. no response to my email. not that I expect any response.
  8. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    ordered 20 boxes from GT distributor on ammo seek. will be here fx, friday. went back to their site and now their showing out of stock. guess I got their last 20 boxes
  9. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    thank you, just now placed an order with them .
  10. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    didn't see the federal tru ball there.thanks.
  11. ruger

    slugs out of stock

    Hope every ones got plenty of slugs. tried to order a case of federal tru ball slugs on line. out of stock every where. have a nice stash built up but like to replace what I shoot , not happening.. ordered a case from bass pro shop 3 months ago. no longer in stock .tried a dozen on line sites.all out of stock.
  12. spent 40 years in a ford dealership as a master tech. until I retired. don't want to compromise the threads.thanks.
  13. question, for those who have replaced their mounts, are the screws peened over? what are the chances of messing up the threads upon removing the original mount? the last thing I want to do is pull the threads and try to helicoil such a small area.
  14. My range is only an open area that I can shoot out to 80 yards off a wood table nothing fancy. as far as recoil goes with this m4 and slugs, I would rather fire 50 slugs through the benelli than my 30-30 winchester. To me the 30-30 is much more brutal than this gas operated m4.
  15. thanks, have had a 870 tactical for a few years, got my m4 6 months ago ,it's just a joy to shoot and i'm 66 years old.. and have a range in my backyard.. live in the woods of northern wisconsin.
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