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  1. the scalarworks is the only way to go in my opinion, it's only a hundred bucks conpared to the price of an m4. and the trijicon rmr. pocket change. it puts the red dot a hair above the front site and I mean a hair. pretty much perfect.
  2. will a scalarworks sync mount count as one since your replacing the factory rail? don't know, but it should.
  3. It would be nice to stick a telescope gauge into the choke tube and put a micrometer on it and know what benelli considers slightly oversize.
  4. I picked up a 1953 winchester 30- 30 lever action that sat in a safe for 50 years with about 20 rounds through it. came with a new in box peep sight never mounted. purchased with rifle. beautiful blueing on gun. so they are out there. the owner died and his kids just wanted it gone.
  5. my improved choke came in the mail today. included the wrench and has 4 notches,, it isn't black like the modified choke that came with the gun.
  6. ruger

    M4 Picture Thread

    I feel sorry for that guy. no options on his m4,, not even a light.
  7. I just ordered an ic choke from benelli parts friday,for my m4, should be here this week. i'll let you know.
  8. there's a bunch of different topics on witch choke tube to use on rifled slugs that's for sure. i'm going to pick up an improved cylinder choke and try that out and see if it makes any difference on accuracy with slugs. the modified is .010 tighter inside diameter than the improved choke tube. ts
  9. have a rem, 870 tactical I have put a lot of other stuff through over the years.
  10. gun came with modified choke. have put 200 plus slugs through it with no problems.havn't shot anything but slugs with my m4.
  11. it's hard to see the target hiding in the brush, but it's under that brown branch in the woods. shooting into the sun, I had to dim my RMR way down so it wouldn't cover so much of my target.
  12. yea I know,using the mod, choke. this group in the picture is nothing to brag about. just wanted to be honest. the outer hits were just adjusting my rmr. they started to tighten up the last 3 rounds.
  13. As you can see lots of room for inprovment. the gun is very capable. I'm working on myself.
  14. So my tube showed up today thought I should try her out holds 7 rounds fine. this target is from 75 yards ,,jerked a few rounds 1560 fps slugger rounds. still fine tuning the RMR.
  15. my tube should be here any day. raining yesterday,so desided to go ahead and clean m4 and remove tube.. came loose after about 4-5 min, of heat ..cleaned everything and put back together with no locktite. I found NO signs of wear on anything after about 200 rounds of shooting only slugs. amazing how clean the dual piston design stays.
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