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  1. No thanks,wouldn't want that mess hanging on my m4.reminds me of that tom hanks movie big,where he's messing with the new toys,saying i don't get it.does it turn into something else. it;s no fun..
  2. Looks like a blind man ran them through a band saw.
  3. when you say noisy do you mean when you shake the gun?
  4. it's crazy,,there's one on gunbroker now for 1.400.00 just for a c-stock.
  5. About that 2 inch group at 100 yards +. it's kind of more like the luck of the draw. with a smooth bore barrel. on a 6 inch target you can hit it all day long off a bench, but consistant 2 inch groups not so much. at least with me. but it's fun trying. just wanted to be honest.
  6. I guess i'm different,I enjoy only shooting slugs. out to a hundred yards +.. trying to push an unstable blob of led that's not aerodynamic into 2 inch groups or better. anyone can do that with a 5.56 round..,thats what makes doing it with an non rifled barrel shot gun more fun. so a 14 entry is not in my future. for home defense i suppose it would be ideal.
  7. what the heck,after 2 years of telling myself i don't need another rifle with a c-stock, ordered one for my m4.
  8. the woods are so thick. you have to follow the deer trails on walks. this is why i carry a snub noise 38 you can carry it in you pocket.
  9. I have thought about this for a long time. live in the woods in northern wi, I keep a 357 loaded at all times by my bed. if i have to grab it at 2am, don't have to chamber a round or fumble with a safety in the dark. i have a 38 special snub nose i carry when i.m in the woods with my dogs. we have a lot of wolves and coyotes around here.
  10. So,you sell a steel mag tube,for 350.00 dollars that holds 6 shell? no spring? no follower? am I missing something?
  11. what year was that picture taken? congratulations. on retiring.
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