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  1. The zombies are coming down the driveway, grab the shotgun,hurry. Not that one,it's to blue, find my black one.
  2. these pictures are from me using my rmr for the first time. it has since zeroed to pretty tight groups. i just set it up like i would zero a scope,
  3. why don't you just set gun in a shooting bench and take a few shots. and adjust to your hits on a target? using a gun rest will allow you to take out any jerking from recoil out of your adjustments.this target is 85 yards from my bench. you can make it out in the trees. i have since these pictures,, changed out the choke tube from the stock modified and seem to have tighter groups.
  4. the only new gun i have purchased that i regret was,, purchased 2 ruger mk 111 hunter hand guns. 22lr. both guns stove pipe on a regular basis. they will not cycle standard velocity ammo.I have to only use hyper velocity rounds. 1650 fps. then 1 out of 20 will stove pipe. tried tweeking the magazine lips.no luck.if i use standard ammo can't empty a magazine without a stove pipe. here in northern wi. i take my dogs in the woods alot. can't trust this gun to protect them. have to have a pair of needle nose pliers in my pocket anytime i shoot these guns. internet is full of people with same conce
  5. I regret selling any rifle I have sold over the years. 10 years ago I sold an armalite ar10t.. that was one I miss. had to raise cash for a divorce attorney. no i don't miss the ex wife,, i miss the armalite.
  6. I purchased a wilson combat 6.8 about 10 years ago after background check they pulled rifle out of the box on the counter and instead of the black one i was thinking i was buying it had an odd purple color finish.like the color of a purple grape. they had to re do the paper work due to the serial numbers. told the guy for 2.700 dollars i didn't want a purple rifle.
  7. No,but i would sure like to see a picture.
  8. why bust on the dude for his ability to structure a story..? his point was made. I had no problem reading his concerns.
  9. I have run over 500 slugs through mine and see no grooves or any wear.
  10. I was on e bay yesterday looking at old fender bandmaster amps. and typed in benelli parts before i logged out,theres a collapsible stock on there for 995.00 dollars.
  11. welcome.. what was your recent purchase??"
  12. is this the same guy that busted on a few members here for having pretty boy fancy M4s safe queens, and a real man would just have a beat up battle ready shotgun? and kept his in a home made leather sheath, donkey looking jock strap?
  13. I ran into a problem with my m4 after trying to shoot out to 75 yards with slugs,trying to hit a 6 inch shoot and see target. couldn't figure out how the sights could bee so off.I also have an 870 tactical that never had this problem. after messing around I went in the house and got my shooting sled and tried a bunch of different slugs. turns out I was jerking the gun somewhat and sending all my rounds to the right about 5-8 inches. they were all so constant I swore it was the sights. don't really know why i wasn't experiencing this with my 870. so any way after about a thousand slugs down ra
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