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  1. welcome.. what was your recent purchase??"
  2. is this the same guy that busted on a few members here for having pretty boy fancy M4s safe queens, and a real man would just have a beat up battle ready shotgun? and kept his in a home made leather sheath, donkey looking jock strap?
  3. I ran into a problem with my m4 after trying to shoot out to 75 yards with slugs,trying to hit a 6 inch shoot and see target. couldn't figure out how the sights could bee so off.I also have an 870 tactical that never had this problem. after messing around I went in the house and got my shooting sled and tried a bunch of different slugs. turns out I was jerking the gun somewhat and sending all my rounds to the right about 5-8 inches. they were all so constant I swore it was the sights. don't really know why i wasn't experiencing this with my 870. so any way after about a thousand slugs down ra
  4. just took a look at my m4. inside finish is just a nice as the the outside receiver finish. no machine marks.
  5. Before covid cancelled all the big craft shows I sold all these i could make . just a wood working hobby.
  6. ARMS makes a quick release just for a trijicon mro.
  7. I use the ARMS quick release on a few ar guns. but for me on an m4, only choice I considered was the scalarworks.
  8. ask away.. a wealth of knowledge here ,from a lot of people.
  9. just throw in a 100 rounds of slugs and stick to your original price and it's gone.
  10. ruger

    M4 Picture Thread

    mr,mp. tell us the story on that kill. what was the distance on the shot?
  11. CALLING it FAKE NEWS. what a dumb ass statement to make.
  12. I think Benelliwerks should throw a forum party at his home and invite us all...we can shoot up all his ammo..lol.
  13. what type of scope do you plan on installing?
  14. It kind of looks like a neon bug. I guess it might blend into the background if you were hiding in the jungle in Columbia.
  15. my brother in law is using a pair of crutches ,, I told him i was going to steal the rubber pad off one and put it on my m4 for a butt pad . lol.
  16. If that was an a/c line o ring it would not hold pressure. if it was a cvt pressure o-ring it would cause a major line pressure drop with shifting concerns.so no, it is a problem. they might have cut it when benelli assembled the gun. or like mjsteino753 said could be a burr.or just a bad o-ring from the get go.
  17. ruger


    I spent 20 years in colorado springs till i moved to the country here in wi. a few years ago. use to go to a gun range there called dragon mans. he has an extensive collection of class c weapons and tanks and just about any world war 2 vehicles you can imagine. well when the ammo shortage happened in 2008 you couldn't find hand gun ammo anywhere. well he had pallets of 45 acp from ww2. he started selling that ammo over the counter so people could use his range that wouldn't due to the ammo shortage.. he told me buy a few boxes try it and if not happy bring it to me for a refund , only concern
  18. ruger


    even 5.56 has gone through the roof around here if you find a box in a gun store. I was at a local hardware store last week to get a band for my wood stove. they sell more guns than any shop here in wisconsin. they had about 5 boxes of 223 on the shelf priced at 24.00 for 20 rounds. glad i don't need any...they have never run out of ammo,even when 22lr was scarce 8 years ago they always had plenty.and cheap prices. they had pretty much nothing in stock, even the 22lr was gone. my wife has asked me for years,,why do you keep buying ammo??are you wierd or something?? well now she knows why.
  19. glad it worked out without waiting 3 months
  20. ruger

    RMR MOA?

    1 moa for me,works great, even with my 1 moa I dial the brightness way down with the sunshine.
  21. also. people say you can't hunt with a smooth bore shotgun, due to not accurate. I live in the woods in northern wisconsin. have hunted with my 30-30 and wouldn't really want to take a shot past 100 yards with the 30-30 no scope on gun. point being,, this M4 with a 1 moa trijicon seems pretty dam accurate I wouldn't hesitate to try taking a deer up to a hundred yards with it. they say a 30-30 is just a brush gun. millions of deer have been taken with them. i'm not seeing a lot of difference in the groups I shoot with my m4 verse my 30-30. 80-100 yards. both guns are on a 6 inch shoot n see
  22. just my opinion .I have enough black rifles with c-stocks. my 870 has a field stock. my m4 has a pistol stock. I have come to perfer the pistol stock on the m4. It helps me control the recoil since all i shoot is slugs.. I have more control of the weapon with a hand on the pistol grip. rotating the weapon as needed. it just feels better to me.
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