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    First I've read about this and the evolution of the M3. Thanks!
  2. So I found info on Brownells website which seems to confirm the SL180 version but says it was the "Benelli second generation" and includes dimensional information. I'm copying and including a pic for anyone that might stumble on this thread later. I also called Carlson's who told me they don't offer it and to call Brileys. Brileys doesn't stock it and it would be basically a custom order. But they have all the information and history on it. $95 for extended choke and $75 for regular flush. I went ahead and ordered another M1 from a private seller out if state and am waiting on it to
  3. Thanks for all the thoughts. I don't think it's a thread issue. The choke bottoms out on the internal ledge of the barrel counterbore for the choke. We confirmed this visually and by running a finger down the choke and into the barrel.its a smooth transition. The idea that the end of the barrel was cut back is a good one. I actually got a line on a good condition private sale M1 with box, manual, and chokes. So actually planning to purchase that one now instead. My curiosity is peaked now though so I will probably go and compare the two or do the dowel suggestion to verif
  4. New member, but been lusting after an M1 or M2 for a while. I'm very interested in a 1988 year HK import Benelli M1 Super Sport at a local store near me. Good condition but is missing the choke. The store had quite a few Mobil style chokes that we tried but they all appeared to bottom out on the interior land of the barrel before the choke was fully threaded. I was only able to turn the chokes in about 1.75 turns. Just didn't seem right even though I've only ever used plain bore double barrels. Anyways, is there a special length choke for the early HK imports? It didn't appear to be a thr
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