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  1. Looking for a Benelli M4 12GA 14inch barrel. I've only found one place that seems to carry them and they are out of stock. Anyone have one for sell or know any place that sells them and has one in stock? Thanks.
  2. Looking for an ATI Raven Stock to fit the Benelli M4, ( I know they're discontinued). I would also settle for the Collapsible stock too however. Thank you.
  3. So since everyone is removing their collapsible stocks, does anyone want to sell the collapsible stock?
  4. I appreciate the replies. I will probably go with the Mesa Tactical stock for now until the C-stock becomes available. Any other upgrades that worked or didnt work?
  5. I recently purchased a Benelli M4 with the pistol grip stock. The LOP is extremely long so I'm looking for a stock more suitable. Anyone know where I can find a collapsible stock? What other stock options are made for the M4 besides the Mesa Stock?
  6. Finally found and purchased a Benelli M4. If anyone is still looking for one, Buds Gun Shop in Lexington, Ky still has 5 more in stock.
  7. Looking for any variation of the M4 except the H20 model if you come across any more of them. Thank you.
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