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  1. GREAT ADVICE ! I have the M4, a Glock 19 with a green laser and 500 L light, a Glock 42 (.380) and just got Sig 365. Love them all and each has a diff purpose
  2. GREAT QUESTION. BTW I love my M4
  3. Thank you guys ! I had no idea that 5.11 was "Cool" ?! Damn I'm so not hip anymore LOL I was look at the HR Assault Systems Special Weapons Cases from Elite https://www.elitesurvival.com/rifle-cases/assault-systems-special-weapons-cases/ Any thoughts ?
  4. Hi Everyone can you please help me find a great case for my Benelli M4. I think a soft well padded case would do the trick ! Only need for back and forth to the range. Thank you so much for your help.
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