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  1. hahahaha, I can't get a full nights sleep for 2 weeks now... I'm cleaning everything including my Mojo's...
  2. I'm using an extended LM in my SBE 2 since that's what I'm comfortable with from shooting sporting clays often. I think for Dove hunting you cannot go wrong with an IC (4 notches). I think its the best choke and you cannot go wrong. I also use 7.5, 1 1/8 oz 1200fps Winchester white box for $5 box. Definitely get you a Mojo Dove decoy and don't leave home with out it.
  3. Noticing lots of folks at the ranges shooting pistols, rifles and sporting clays, they're probably tired of being quarantined and are getting out way more often this year to practice. My SBE 2 and Mojo's will be ready to go on opening weekend.
  4. Your gun looks really sweet. I would change for an extended black ported choke.
  5. For Sporting Clays, use an IC or LM. These chokes have very forgiving patterns. I would strongly recommend getting fitted for your gun. This will definitely make a difference and shooting more fun when you're busting clays birds.Good luck.
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