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  1. Awesome. Did you notice a difference in trigger pull and reset at all?
  2. How did this come out? Im looking at going the same route
  3. Thanks! Appreciate the feedback. I'm surprised the gun came with a "fixed choke barrel" but clearly my fault for not doing more research. In any case, as long as I can put slugs and 00 buck down it i'm happy (actually ecstatic). Even if the barrel did have the interchangeable chokes, I would more than likely went improved cylinder and left it.
  4. Hello All- I''m New to the Benelli M4 I wanted to clarify some things. Ive done a search on shooting slugs through a modified choke but cant seem to find a post specific to the 1014 fixed modified choke barrel and the results shooting slugs through through it. I will be shooting more Bird and Buck shot, but occasionally I my want to through a few slugs down range especially to dial in the Iron sights and or a Red Dot / Hologram if I decide to go that route. of course since the barrel is smooth bore I would only use rifled slugs. 1. Am I safe to put slugs down the fixed Modified bar
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