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  1. Where can I find them?
  2. Thanks, I see lots of interesting choices there.
  3. Joey Zuppa

    Choke Tubes

    Wondering which choke tubes to get for the M4 Tactical. It comes with a modified that says steel shot OK and it's dark grey or actually black. Can't seem to find matching black choke tubes anywhere, but I see some silver or stainless ones, I don't see where they say steel shot ok. Also, do they have to be flush or can they be extended? Maybe that's a stupid question, the modified that it comes with is flush.
  4. That's pretty helpful to me, who like the member who posted the question, sometimes I get caught up in the "too many choices" thing. I'm figuring I'll just go order the M4 Barrel that comes with the Modified Choke for about $600 or so and then I'll have factory options, since all M4 barrels will fit all M4's and M41014'S, and I won't have any compliance or functioning issues. And I'll save on that other $1800 for the full M4 Tactical? I'll be around $1200 in the plus??? Well, sort of???
  5. I'm starting to get the picture with the restrictions and regulations and modification options, however, it is confusing.
  6. It is brand new, I'll be the first owner.
  7. The LE version M41014 I have is awesome, fixed Mod Choke, no screw in options. Esthetically sweet. One position skeletonized stock, no real adjustments, fits me just fine. I have the opportunity to pick up the M4 Tactical, solid stock, comes with screw in Mod Choke, so more options. Probably going to do some upgrades in the near future. It will set me back a bit, I'm just living on a small pension, so, not rolling in the dough. Low $1800 price tag. The M41014 was a bit higher of a price tag. If I get this one, I'm done for the year, no more buying. I have a few other rifles to keep me occupie
  8. I spoke with someone at Benelli and they stated it would be fine to shoot rifled slugs with the factory M1014 fixed barrel that is actually a slightly oversized Modified Choke Barrel. I called to find out what my options would be to have the flexibility and he stated that I could buy the 18 1/2 " barrel with the different sized chokes if I wanted to go ahead and spend the extra $$$, so I will probably follow the above break in advice from Pack Rat and take my time with the other options. Then again, there is another option I am thinking about $$$
  9. Can I get your take on the Benelli M4 Tactical as opposed to the Benelli M1014 that I have? Any positives or significant differences on each one?
  10. Thank you, again, much appreciated.
  11. That's a great answer, except you should have left out the "if" part. I moved from Jersey to SoCal when I retired a little over 3 years ago and got the heck outta SoCal about a year ago, Thank God. Good luck.
  12. Thank you for the info, yes, it is the Military or LE version. I'm retired LE and Fire Service so I am qualified for the purchase. I just have to up my game and knowledge with the long guns. I'll take your advice and go slowly with the breaking in period, gonna make sure it goes to my son in about 20 years in good order, he's jumping at the bit already and I just picked it up 3 days ago.
  13. Yes, I walked in at the right time and they are very courteous at the shop towards their customers, especially retired guys like me. It is a fixed barrel like the other gentleman stated.
  14. My model is the M1014, not the tactical.
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