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  1. Feel your pain. I’ve been lucky I guess.so far mines ok. Thank God!
  2. Gotta say I’m scared. I just picked up my new Argo in 308 last week . Haven’t found time to focus on shooting it yet, sure hope it shoots even within a 6 in group with open sights. I’m used to scopes and enjoy shooting at Center of Center , seeing Center with a 4-12x 6-18x etc. With higher powered scopes you can see Center of the Center of the target, this means a lot of your trying to shoot under 1 1/2in groups or better.
  3. Oh boy! not good. Best advice I can give is- Take it back to them and threaten to make them order in another . That will prompt them to send for repair. Almost the same thing happened to me 40 years ago. Remington 72400 , I was not happy to say the least. They sent it back to me, it fired without an issue for years after. Dont loose the faith.!
  4. Gun shop just decided to put my together claiming they felt it would be best cause there tricky. I studied a lot before buying and they say it’s simple to tear down and rebuild. I haven’t shot it yet. Should I take it apart just so I’m familiar. Or are they that difficult?
  5. Canadian, just ordered in my Benelli Argo in 308. gun shop called and said it arrived. I got there the next day to pick up. instantly, the guy brings it out saying - hears the box, we thought we’d help you and put it together, I essentially impressed. I asked why he would open it, he said there difficult to put together, I said that’s funny, I watched enough info on it and no one felt it was a big deal. I’m in the trades, so I’m sure I could have done it. Now does this mean they changed out parts possibly, not impressed at all. Haven’t taken the time to shoot it yet, I want to have a lot of time , and that’s tough to find lately. What do you guys think of the gun shop opening and putting it together. ?
  6. Cant imagine Benelli couldn't build a decent barrel. If they couldn't get under a two inch 5 shot group they wouldn't last long. My Remington Semi 308 first shot 2 in groups, over a short period of time, with a 1.5X6. I could get 1.5-1.75 all day long, once I could pin point dead center with a 4-12x my groups tightened.There's a lot of factors, I watch guys off a bench and it makes me cringe. They sit at a different level each time they shoot, they hold the fore end one minute, and not the next, I can see the barrel moving all over the place....Good Grief, if you hold the gun improperly all the time consistently you would be better off. A lot need to learn to shoot, I mean when sighting in. You've heard the phrase- "Its not the Gun its the Shooter"... that's still holds true! A buddy of mine recently sent me a picture of a brutal group with his 6.5 Creedmore, I asked what he was smoking, he said he was at the open range that day...34F and very windy. It was a bad day to be driving in never mind shoot! Learn to shoot consistently, exactly the same hold, shooting position etc. Once you figure that out move to different Brands, weight etc. Then you can have a true understanding of wear to lay blame. I think you will find, it's not the gun. I recently bought a Benelli R1 308 after my 44 year old Rem 7400 simply wore out and started to act up.. At this point in my life, my Benelli doesn't have to last 44 years like my Remington did, but if it gives me the same pleasure I'm a lucky guy. P.S. the Rem Semi 308- I'm spending the whole 17.00 on the Main Spring, Firing Pin Spring, then if It fires two boxes in a row without an issue, I'll simply sell it at a reasonable price.
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