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  1. hi, thanks for the reply. bought it new. probably will take it back to the dealer i got it from.
  2. I have just got my Monte last month. I hv got the hard case from Benelli but finds that the soft case is more useful when going around to the range or even when going hunting. its troublesome with the hard case as you have to dismantle and reinstall the barrel and the receiver everytime you use te hard case. even when storing the gun for a long time, not advisable to keep in the hard case.
  3. Just got myself a Benelli Monteferlo Comfort with a synthetic stock. Just took it out to the shooting range twice and on a hunting trip once. The synthetic stock seems dull and have scratches and feels a bit sticky. What would be the best way for me to restore it to make it look nice again? Some one told me that I could wipe it with gun oil, will that not make the stock become more sticky? thanks
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