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  1. Thank you sir appreciate all the tips
  2. I know a gun shop that had an h20 for 2k I bought his regular 11707 for 1850. If you're interested op send me a message
  3. Slings I'm set on. I have about 10(I have a problem lol) I ended up ordering the strike Industries hayl handguard. Do u recommend or know anyone that has experience mounting a light to its mlok or still recommend the iwc? I got a tube off Socom guy here on the forums along with a Wolff spring just in case I need it Ordered the mesa tactical urbino stock for now w the limbsaver Ordered a TTI oversized bolt release and safety(hopefully they are as good, didnt see your recommendations before I ordered) Only thing left is the trigger, is install
  4. Just home defense and some casual range time And really I thought the adjustable stock was the must have. Is the mesa stock available or is it as unavailable as the adjustable haha
  5. Hello everyone, New to the forums and to the M4 family Was wanting to get everyone's opinion on what upgrades are a must have for a M4 I already have a RMR w Scalarworks M4 mount but thats it I know a 7 round magazine tube is a must and adjustable stock(impossible to find) and I think im gonna replace the handguard Is there any other suggestions? Also if anyone has any of those or other accessories for sale let me know I'm definitely interested especially a magazine tube Thanks
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