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  1. I am looking to do the same with the ModeLite setup.. trying to determine if I really need a new rail system B&T or Briley or just keep the factory ones on? Run a pressure switch or not.,..don't want to go off topic but any Advice? Thanks
  2. And its 5+1 round if you drop 1 in the chamber.... I guess that is what he was meaning..
  3. lmao NJ special ..I think I would be in trouble with that here unless I head over to Philly and shoot it at the range and keep it there. Cant bring it in NJ..NO Pistol Grip here as well and or collapsible stock.. Yes I am thinking about moving back to PA but have not convinced the wife that we need to as that being the only excuse...lol and I can only wish to go past 10 rounds in my pistol mags and 5 rounds in my shotgun.. ugh ..The guns laws here are insane and make no sense for law abiding citizens only ties our hands..
  4. Thanks for that feedback...will definitely jump into what I can find here on what can be done. Also I am not in Cali more like NJ so cant go past 5 rounds on the Mag Tubes..
  5. Hey Guys, I just purchased my new Benelli M4 in H2O Cerakote looking to add accessories and modifications.. live in a non free state so can’t do anything to extension tubes and or pistol grips or stock with them unfortunately. Looking at the A&S Trigger guard, FFT Trigger Kit to start along with the Mesa tactical side saddle but not sure to add that as I feel that will damage the coating? Also any recommendations on lights and mounting kits and of course changing out the stock sight with night lights and or scaler works mounts and trigicon RmR or both? Will it co- witness with my iron
  6. Right, I understand that but for the price and taking it to the range 1 time since I bought it about 4-5 weeks ago. I should not be seeing these things happening on the coating granted if I dropped it or was careless however over time I understand and what purpose you use it for as well but that was not the case here unfortunately. I already made the call to Benelli USA about this we shall see what happens.
  7. I just bought mine in H20 cerakote and the first time taking it to the range ..Had a soft case for it while transporting and shot about 50 rounds of 00 Buck thru it,.. now I see a few 2-3 marks on the receiver and 1 on top of the barrel.. I have no idea how these marks got on there as I am super careful with this shot gun and do not lay it on the ground and have babied it since I got it about 2 weeks ago.. I am thinking about calling Benelli corporate about this..
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