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  1. Hi Winston 92, I've had very good luck using Winchester Longbeard XR #5 in 3.5" in my 12 GA Benelli SBE3 out to 35-40 Yards. Closer in at say 15-20 Yards Federal Grand Slam #4 or #5 in 2 3/4" has also worked well. The longer the shell the more recoil you will feel so 3" shells in #4 or #5 are a good compromise. As far as choke selection goes, I use a FULL choke every time I'm turkey hunting. Hope it helps and good luck to you too! https://winchester.com/Products/Ammunition/Shotshell/Long-Beard-XR https://www.federalpremium.com/shotshell/premium-turkey/
  2. Let me know if anyone is looking for .308 magazines I have two spares that have never been used I would consider selling if anyone needs one.
  3. Hi Get Ready Outdoors, I use a full choke with my SBE3 and Winchester Long Beard XRs in #4 3 1/2” . Last Spring I shot both my birds with one shell each, although the first time I used that load at about 20 Yards it broke both legs on the bird from the impact! The second Turkey was taken at about 35 Yards with no issues...hope that helps and happy hunting Here’s a link you might like: https://winchester.com/Blog/2017/03/is-there-a-best-shot-size-for-turkey
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I like the look of the new Lupo as well...seems to be getting a lot of good reviews in the press, but not a lot of reports from the field yet. I love my R1 in .308 Win, but thinking of getting the .300 WM barrel for hunting out West, although I’m sure the .308 with the right combination bullet...165 Gr Partition or Accubond would be more than adequate for Elk and Moose etc? Have not been able to find any type of hunting round out East in that Caliber since last year, but did manage to get my hands on some 150 Gr Hornady SST on a recent trip to New Mexico. Be well and appreciate the feedback.
  5. Hi Planetcat, Is it worth getting the .300 WM barrel or would you recommend getting a separate rifle in that caliber for that price? Just curious what you think. Looking at a Tikka 3X thanks!
  6. Tried the fix and it worked like a charm!
  7. Hi Nothingbuthetruth, Once you’ve done it a few times it’s not a problem...the secret is in cocking the bolt back as you reassemble the gun when reattaching the receiver to the barrel before locking things down with the locking cap...and especially knowing how to position the bolt head to easily install the arming lever back into the bolt...I’m sure you’re familiar by now, but they should have gone over it with you when you purchased it...my sport shop had also put it together for me saying the same thing essentially...after looking at the manual, searching on YouTube and reading several excellent old posts especially by Stid2677 it all became very clear...important to clean the gas piston assembly
  8. Hi Keith, I was recommended Federal Fusion 165 Gr by the sport shop where I purchased my R1 in .308 if that helps. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, Posting the reply I received from Benelli USA with the following recommendation: The brass does mark the ejection port. You can take some OOO Steel Wool and gently rub the spots with a drop or two of oil. This helps and not as noticeable. Great customer support and very quick response from Wayne Randall at Benelli USA!
  10. Hi everyone, I purchased a Benelli R1 in .308 Win last year. I’ve taken it to the range and put about 120 rounds of Aguila 150 Gr FMJ target ammunition through it with no issues other than the fact that I’ve noticed brass markings on the receiver aft of the arming bolt. I’m guessing that the brass from the casings being ejected from the chamber during cycling is causing the issue by flipping and hitting the surface. Does anyone know if this is normal, I shoot left handed and I always find the casings about 5 feet away to my right after firing. Just curious, overall I’m very happy with the performance of the firearm and it’s thoroughly broken down as per the manual and cleaned after every outing including the gas piston assembly. Also, anyone know if the rubber o ring on the barrel locking cap is replaceable and available through Benelli...it seems like having a spare would be a good idea Thanks
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