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  1. Your right, looking at the LE tube and the M1014 tube factory notches do have discoloration from heat treat. It was just a thought to save some money for members, but yeah, It would not be pleasant to have the stock collapse while shooting!
  2. I recently got a M1014 and found out that it didn't have the correct recoil tube. Fortunately, I was able to source a Benelli LE recoil 4 position recoil tube. I removed the tube and placed it side by side with the 4 position tube and showed it to a buddy of mine, that is a Tool Maker/Machinist. He milled the flat on the Non-position tube and said it looked like the grooves on the 4 position tube were ground in. So he ground the slots in. I'm going to see if the slots are deep and wide enough for the stock to lock in place. My question is, Is there enough of an interest to do the mods for
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