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  1. I used Loctite 603 (Green) on the new tube. Takes about 180 degrees to break the bond, but works great against vibrations. Same stuff that Harley recommends, and FN uses.
  2. My new M4 is black, but if it were blue, I'd send the receiver out for DLC. Much more durable than the anodized finish. I'm currently waiting for a Scar receiver to come back from the process.
  3. I too just removed a tube from a new M4, to replace with a FFT titanium model. It was loaded with Loctite! Took some time, but it finally broke free.
  4. I signed up for the in-stock notification for the Aimpoint model. Just got in a new CompM5. What I would like to know is, will there be enough clearance to install the front ARD? (Kill flash)
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