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Thread: New forend for Benelli m4

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    I wonder if the new tube could be used with the old M4 straight stock body?
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    Would it give a better check weld?

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    Well, at the NRA show I was given quite a bit of information from Benelli as well as who had a booth about ITAR as well as some 922r background that I wasn't aware of.

    It appears at first blush with limited information, that it might be the price of the forend that is causing the issue with being in the USA. I'll post more information as e-mails are received from various agencies and organizations.

    Anybody else have new information either way to present?

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    Quote Originally Posted by topleft View Post

    Anybody else have new information either way to present?
    Nothing on my end... but it does seem like a fair amount of machining is needed for them.

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    Is that a Benelli Bolt release? I would really like a slightly larger mushroom shaped button.

    The Forearm is nice looking. Bet it's a bit pricey...
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    Installed a domestic forend from Strike Industries. So far, I really like the product and the grip traction is much improved! To the range later this afternoon.

    This is with the non-SBS barrel setup.

    new forend.jpg

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