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  1. Glad to read others struggled as well. I thought it just me experiencing more smoke as I gained more movement! Happy it worked out it.
  2. Thanks! Just returning home, so I hope to fire it tomorrow or it'll be another week until I can get to the range.
  3. Thanks! I'm really anxious to get the shotgun and will look into what the stores have (thicker & thinner) so I'm prepared either way.
  4. Ordered my first shotgun for sporting clays after numerous visits to several LGS and ranges. Originally I was favoring the Beretta line, but my current M4 refocused my preference and yesterday I ordered the 30" 12 gauge. Other than replacing the shell carrier (already have TTI on my desk), is there anything else I should prepare?
  5. Installed a domestic forend from Strike Industries. So far, I really like the product and the grip traction is much improved! To the range later this afternoon. This is with the non-SBS barrel setup.
  6. Well, at the NRA show I was given quite a bit of information from Benelli as well as http://www.nfatca.org/ who had a booth about ITAR as well as some 922r background that I wasn't aware of. It appears at first blush with limited information, that it might be the price of the forend that is causing the issue with being in the USA. I'll post more information as e-mails are received from various agencies and organizations. Anybody else have new information either way to present?
  7. I'm still new to Benelli so keep that in mind. What was your justification for replacing the sights?
  8. I need to stop listening to other range "experts" who all but told me if I used a slug through the system, it would catastrophic and reference here more often. Granted, they aren't Benelli owners so their input is skewed but I at least thought it was grounded somewhat.
  9. Nicely done! I have a couple quick questions: 1. How is the traction of the forends you changed in relation to originals? 2. AVA Tactical mod 1 mount, I have the Doberman version, but looking at the flushness compared to your setup. 3. Your shell carrier looks different from my FFT with the structure at the end. Am I over analyzing it, or is yours different? 4. Rear sling attachement mount is made by who? I really like the Cerakote work/contrast!
  10. Ok, this may not be as simple as I thought. I'm not going to circumvent the regulations, was just curious if it was a business (not legal) reason they aren't currently imported. Thanks for the information, this gives me at least a starting point to research. If you come across other sources, please let me know.
  11. I'm looking for what would prevent a US citizen from bringing one back from Europe...
  12. I wasn't expecting NRA to, just would have a captive audience with Benelli and try to get more information while at the event.
  13. That sucks, and yet doesn't surprise me. I will present it during the NRA annual meeting in a couple months. Maybe by then, something may change. ???
  14. Thanks. Due to envisioned end project, I'm likely to change my SBS to a 10" barrel so it finishes at the end of magazine tube. I really like your mount and the light, but with 10" it will finish proud to the barrel with your mount. Maybe I just need another light...
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