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  1. Like new in excellent condition, sync mount and rmr02. 425 shipped. [email protected] for pics.
  2. Just installed my limbsaver buttpad on the c-stock M4. I used M4 .7 x 16mm screw and they worked great. Only question, Homedepot only had zinc plate screws, is there anything I need to worry about with zinc plates screws?
  3. Has anyone replaced the recoil pad on their collapsible stock Benelli m4? I’m looking for something to lessen the recoil when shooting 3” buckshot and heavy loads. I’m not recoil sensitive, but after 50 Rds or so this thing kicking like a mule gets old.
  4. Like brand new Benelli Super Vinci Max 5 Camo. Gun has less than 1 box of shells through it. Comes with 3 Briley Chokes and 5 Benelli chokes. Gun has a 30" barrel for those long shots on Geese or Ducks. The gun will come with everything from the factory. 1185 shipped. 9182619237 For pics
  5. I've always had a shotgun in he safe, first it was Remington's then betetta's. I finally found a deal on a M4 about a month ago. I liked the M4 so much I picked up a Super Vinci a couple days ago...looks like the beginning of an addiction!
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm pretty dissaponted with the options for the M4.
  7. Who makes the best fiber optic front sight for the Benelli M4?
  8. looking to see what's out there. Looking for a Super Vinci or SBE 2 in Camo. text 9182619237
  9. Found a Super Vinci Camo with 25 rounds fired. Comes with box and chokes for 1100. Good deal or not?
  10. Looking for a fiber optic front sight for my M4, what do you all recommend? Thanks
  11. To be 922r compliant certain parts have to be made on the USA. THe trigger, hammer and disconnecter are made in Texas, the hammer and disconnecter are on the list of pieces that can be replaced to be 922r compliant.
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