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  1. markd

    Error message

    Anyone else getting error message when getting on here lately. I've been getting them for the last week or so.
  2. So I finally got a chance to install my Ava mount on my M4. It went on fine, and as others have mentioned the mount itself is finished off very nicely and looks great. I am using a Surefire P2X Fury Tactical light (600 lumens). I inserted the light into the mount before tightening down the screws all the way, and discovered that when I rotated the light slightly, the mount captured the tail cap of the light, so there was no forward/rear movement, even before the final tightening of the screws. I don't think this was mentioned any where, but is a plus, because there is no way the light can move
  3. markd

    Shotgun light

    Joel, Thanks for the response. Any chance you would put up some pics? Mark
  4. markd

    Shotgun light

    Any updates, reviews, recommendations on the Ava or IWC M4 light mounts. Has anyone gotten either one yet? I would like to get thoughts/opinions on each of them.
  5. markd

    Shotgun light

    IWC, thanks for supplying details on your new light mount. As I have not made a decision on which light I want to get yet, how would you recommend ordering one of your mounts? Thanks, Mark
  6. markd

    Shotgun light

    Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have come up with. Also interested in your pricing, especially in light of (pun intended) the IWC offering.
  7. markd

    Shotgun light

    I've been watching this thread hoping to get some additional info on the IWC M4 light mount. I'm also interested in what's going on with the new Ava mount. Any updates? In the mean time I could use some recommendations on which light I should be looking for, which would fit both of these mounts. My M4 will be used primarily for home defense. I'm thinking around 400 lumens should be about right. Suggestions?
  8. Vortec MAX: I know that parts can be difficult to find on other platforms too, but I think the M4 is a fairly modest portion of the overall market, compared to the AR for example, which has interchangeable parts between manufacturers. It makes sense that the manufacturers would make parts for the larger markets before considering what looks to be a somewhat limited market with the M4. Just my impression. Lrdchaos: I also looked at the Briley Trigger group. They seem to be the only one that have the parts. Which length of pull are you going to get? When I was on their site, I didn't
  9. Although I joined this forum a few years ago, I didn't buy my M4 until just a few months ago and have not been on here until recently. I only have one other shotgun which is a Winchester O/U. I have about 200 rounds through the M4 without any problems. I did clean and oil it well before I shot it, as recommended on this forum. I've been doing a lot of reading and trying to learn as much as I can about the M4 on here. One thing I learned for sure is patience. If you want "the" mag tube, it will take 3-4 months, if you want "the" light mount, they are in production = waiting list etc. etc. Certa
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