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Found 2 results

  1. Major Game - is for some the very substance of chasing in Africa. Major Game does mean huge creatures, yet huge difficulties and encounters. In fact talking by a long shot the most chasing in Africa is in reality Big Game Hunting. Indeed, even numerous types of antilope are really classed as major game. Nonetheless if is as a matter of first importance The Big Five, that one contemplates when the discussion goes to major game chasing. Lion, panther, bison, elephant and rhinoceros have been the extraordinary fascination for Big Game trackers making a trip to Africa on safari for quite a long time, despite everything they are. While the facts confirm that chasing for rhino is maybe not once what it used to be, as today this species is exceptionally ensured and encompassed by a lot of security, the rest of the species can in any case be chased in the wild African shrub - with all the magnificent encounters this carries with it. As a rule it is just in the zones where chasing suppliers work that the expanding levels of poaching have been brought leveled out, which somewhere else have developed alarmingly, particularly with respect to elephants, over ongoing years. This is only one reason why it is in reality Big Game-Hunting, that is presently the best apparatus for monitoring Africa's enormous warm blooded animals in their characteristic living space in nature. As pretty much no chasing for rhinoceros is completed any longer, trackers currently talk about The Big Four. Chasing for The Big Four should be possible with a totally clear heart, as the chase will spare definitely a greater number of creatures from poaching than will be really taken during chasing. Traditional and well-working Big Four-goals are Zimbabwe,
  2. Where to scout and search to find and locate the Canada geese The first place that you should scout and search to find and locate the geese is where the Canada geese will find a large enough body of water. That is where the Canada geese will tend to go and rest, mostly during the night away from predators. But the geese also search for food, so you also have to scout and search to find and locate the Canada geese when they look for food. The geese need to eat quite a bit to build up energy for the rest of their migration. Look for nearby corn and cereal fields that have been harvested most of the time 4 or 5 miles away from the body of water, check where the geese go. That is were you should install your blind and decoys. But remember that they can go much farther. Click here for blinds and blind material and Click here for decoys But remember that they can go much farther. Note that over their migration, the geese will move from one area to the other, sometimes quite far away from one another, they may also travel quite a distance during a day for food and come back to their water rest area at night. You will have to rely on a few farmers who are willing to scout for you and let you hunt on their land. Usually, when the geese adopt a field, they will come back to the same place for many days. Lets say you found their grade-manger (feeding area) where there is lots of food, that is the place to be early in the morning. The land needs to be large enough so that the geese feel safe when they land. they like to see predators coming from far away. Keep a large area of the land as a sanctuary, where you will not hunt, the geese will know after a while and come back there. From day to day, change the location of your blind so that you can foul them easier to the decoys. Don’t go hunting day after day on the same land, the geese will learn very quickly that even if there is good food the place is dangerous. Instead let pass a few days before coming back to that field, you will have better success. plan your goose hunt, where, when, Goose hunting tips, books, equipment, scouting, concealment, calling, decoys, building your own blind, training a good retriever, locate the geese, get the best shotgun and shells and see the great bird show. This is what this site is all about. We will try to guide you in the preparation of your expedition and give you some hints so that you get the most out of your day and get your limit harvested. If you follow the simple advice given here, you will have success and will be satisfied of your day. We will give you a few tips on how to prepare and hunt the Canada Goose, but first let’s look at more general information regarding this graceful bird. Have you ever have the opportunity to see the Canada Goose perform? This bird puts one of the greatest show in the World. Imagine having "front row seats". This is a large bird and because of it's size it can be seen from far away. Their wing span can vary in lengths from 3 to 6 feet, and they can weigh up to 18 pounds. According to the Canadian Wildlife Service, there may be as many as 40 sub populations, so they tend to be quite different from one region to another.
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