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Benelli's and adding weight

Hoosier Hillbilly

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A topic that has been beat to death I suppose. I have a SBE II that I picked up last summer (50th b-day gift to myself). I have found, hands down, this is the finest field gun I have ever owned. I have used it consistently for early season dove hunting, and found that I could quickly pick up birds (and down them) etc. Wonderful!


I have also shot the gun some in clay games, both in sporting clays as well as skeet (and a little trap). I shoot 1220 fps 1 oz Rios exclusively (and have never had a single ftf, jam, or anything of the sort) for this application.


Now here is is my question. I find that the SBE is too light, as well as overly balanced towards the buttstock, for my tastes when shooting clay targets--I will typically shoot an 11-87 12ga with an added 10 ozs to the barrel. I understand there are weights that can be added to the front of the SBE, either through the mag tube or the mag cap, and these seem to range in weight from 11 ozs for the mag tube weight to 8 ozs for the mag cap. (C&H Mercury Recoil Reducer). I lean toward the weighted mag cap so that I don't have to fiddle with the plug etc. when switching back to hunting situations. I am not interested in adding the weight so much for recoil reduction as I am for altering the balance of the gun and helping (hopefully) to smooth out the swing.


Will adding 8 ozs of weight to the front of the gun likely cause me problems with cycling the 1 oz Rios? I sort of suspect that it might, but I really don't want to spend $60 to find out.


Anyone else have any experience along these lines?

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One of our skeet shooters put the C&H mag cap on his Supersport and it cycles Federal Estates (don't know the weight) without a problem.

My buddy added about 2lb to his Legacy and it cycles 1 1/8 loads.

Don't know if anyone is doing it with 1oz, though.

Hope this helps.

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