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  1. My SuperSport will, if dirty, on occasion, lock the bolt back with a live shell on the carrier. My fix is: -Pull the trigger group, -Spray clean, -Lube lightly, -Reassemble. (Back to like-new!)
  2. You're confusing an inertia trigger switchover system of an O/U with the Benelli "Inertia Driven" system for autoloader bolt lockup and cycling. Different animals.
  3. So, Sport Shooter, did you buy a gun? If so, what'd you buy?
  4. Congratulations! You're gonna love it!
  5. Just joshin'; (I did put a "smilie" at the end!)
  6. You see what I get for getting on the web too early in the morning!
  7. A few days ago I shot my Benelli in a snowstorm (I know, I shouldn't have!) Well, as I lined up on H1, a snowflake went in the barrel and immediately caused so much rust that the barrel was obstructed as I pulled the trigger and the gun blew up! Do you think Benelli will replace it?
  8. Never! (but I would buy a gun worth a million bucks for 2 grand no matter what it looked like!)
  9. splash, would you pay $2000 for this? http://www.luxurylaunches.com/auctions/45_luger_carbine_the_worlds_most_expensive_handgun.php
  10. rodburner, you said "I want a bigger pattern." bigger than what? You don't know what size you have now. Establish a baseline so you can see the difference (is what I'm saying). Your gun is shooting high if you're seeing that much rib that it is a "ramp". Establish the center of the pattern then shim the stock down; repattern and adjust as necessary. You'll get it (unless your neck is 10" long!) Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. Pattern it appropriately with paper to establish a baseline, then make the appropriate changes and pattern again. It might save you a lot of tail-chasing! (You can't even be sure of what you're trying to change!)
  12. Heck, I'm buying one just for the case!
  13. Sounds like some time at the "Pattern Board" would save you a lot of grief!
  14. Hey, leftie, you could be worse off!
  15. What I gleaned from this thread: 1/20/2009 Post is made about "garbage" product; 1/21/2009 Manufacturer offers to make good (no questions asked); That, my colleagues, is Customer Service and why I'll buy from Dave's Metal Works in the future.
  16. splash, You saying that it's not made by Benelli?
  17. I meant that my post about under-the-barrel porting and Hollywood was a poor attenpt at humor.
  18. Sorry; poor attempt at humor/cynicism.
  19. Yes, but it's ported on the BOTTOM of the barrel to increase muzzle lift (to better simulate Hollywood guns)
  20. Banjo MD


    Well you're OK, then.
  21. Banjo MD


    No chip, just seeming contradictions. I've also run into people who hate Benellis for no real reason so I'm suspicious.
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