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  1. You don't need to; take a look at the Cordoba! http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/cordoba.tpl
  2. I think so. Where are you located? Maybe you could try mine.
  3. Nice explanation, timb99!
  4. Sounds like you're seeing the forcing cone; normal/good!
  5. Just curious, bluegoose, but have you shot a "ComforTech"-stocked gun?
  6. I have only shot my 28" (90% skeet targets) but I do well at trap and Chinese Trap with it.
  7. NO, no, no; Try shooting them; buy the one that "feels right/fits you best". I like to say, "Buy the one that "speaks to you". All guns can be adjusted for the best fit, if you buy one that feels wrong from the start it'll be a long journey to get it right for you!
  8. I "guestimate" 10-12k shells through my SS this year.
  9. I feel like Homer Simpson, Doh!!!
  10. Do you know if it will fit a Legacy? Photos: [email protected]
  11. That's why I'm saying, "Pull the trigger group, spray it clean, lightly lube it and replace it! (I'm on a mission!)
  12. I'm gonna tell you how I "fixed" (hopefully) my SuperSport's "click". I was having the occasional "click" (which I attributed to deep primers) at the general time that I was getting an occasional failure to feed from the mag. I pulled the trigger group, cleaned it and lightly lubricated it, reinstalled it and that fixed the feed failures. Lo and behold, the "click" hasn't happened in 1000-1200 rounds! It won't cost you anything; pull the group, clean, lube and reinstall; then let us know if it worked. If my assumptions are right, then "shotgunNoob" was the closest to getting it right!
  13. When I decided to upgrade from my beginner O/U, I decided that I wanted to "learn" and grow-into one gun for trap, skeet and sporting clays. I chose the SuperSport. It was designed to be a sporting clays gun that could also be a decent trap & skeet gun. For many, the gun is too light and whippy to be a pure skeet gun and doesn't shoot high enough to be a pure trap gun. I've adjusted it to my liking and will probably add a little weight but, for me, it has become an extension of me and I'm glad to shoot it for everything clays.
  14. Benelli does make more than one; it's just that they're adjustable by interchanging inserts and shims. You're not looking at the right model (SuperSport/Cordoba) or maybe you only want a wood stock.
  15. Was that you? Sorry. Just trying to distinguish between the wood-stocked guns and the "ComforTech" ones.
  16. No such animal as "Super Sport II". It's either a SuperSport or a Sport II. (nice guns, both) Sorry for being pickayune.
  17. Good job! It's really quick and easy to pull the group; 5 min. total.
  18. I had a similar situation with my SuperSport that was cured by cleaning the trigger group. Pull the trigger group, spray it clean (and I lightly oil it) and replace. It started malfunctioning after many thousand of rounds fired, now I clean the group after every 500-1000 rounds and it is functioning perfectly.
  19. dirtylincoln, have you bought/decided on a gun?
  20. One of our skeet shooters put the C&H mag cap on his Supersport and it cycles Federal Estates (don't know the weight) without a problem. My buddy added about 2lb to his Legacy and it cycles 1 1/8 loads. Don't know if anyone is doing it with 1oz, though. Hope this helps.
  21. I don't know; it works pretty well on my SuperSport;)
  22. I like to shoot skeet with a "Skeet" or "Cylinder" choke; Trap with "Light Full" This will vary depending on where you're preferred break points are; the closer the bird the more open the choke and vice-versa.
  23. I haven't done this but there might be "Loctite" on those threads; you'd need heat to break the bond first.
  24. Agreed but are you dead-set against an autoloader? The BenelliSuperSport was designed as a dedicated sporting clays gun.
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