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  1. C'mon, you don't really believe that a single gun setup is right for EVERYONE! (or, do you?) Let's reason this out; either a gunmaker just throws a model on the market with the hope that it'll fit someone/anyone or they configure it to fit the average-build gunbuyer and, if you're not of average-build, you adjust it or pay someone to do it for you. (Maybe you think Benelli should come to your home and do it for you!)
  2. Banjo MD


    First: Then, next post... Well, which is it? (Choose one and only one!) Opinions are fine; if you give contradicting information, I get suspicious!
  3. Banjo MD


    Sorry, leftie, you post derrogatory comments and don't know the basics about the gun including the operating system or even the model!!! I'm not gonna let that slide without a comment. There are a lot of "Benelli-Bashers" out there who do have an agenda; they hate Benellis!
  4. SuperSport/Cordoba; same gun under different finishes! Glad you didn't find imaginary differences!
  5. Banjo MD


    I hate to disappoint you, leftie, but your M4 is not inertia driven it is gas-operated (if you really do own one:eek:) so, you don't have a hidden agenda, do you?
  6. Banjo MD


    Interesting; never looked at it that way!
  7. Banjo MD


    I hear you, and agree. My SuperSport fits me right and is soft-shooting!
  8. I'm seriously beginning to believe that the internet facilitates the growth of the "myth"!
  9. Recoil? Surely you jest! The SuperSport is softer to shoot than the same load in my Winchester 1400 or Weatherby Orion (SKB). I'm beginning to believe this is taking on the status of "urban myth" perpetrated by those with a hidden agenda or those who haven't even shot one. Listen, Claybird68, the SS is a soft-shooter, period. My offer is always open; come and shoot mine!
  10. Here ya go: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17460 Read it and weep! RemOil has a reputation for gumming up in the cold.
  11. I have a can that I never use 'cause of the (reported) cold-weather "gummies":eek: Glad your SBE is fine!
  12. remoil?...Well, there's your problem! P.S. I've heard that Remoil gets gooey in the cold (but I admit that I haven't tried it.) TriFlow gives me no problems in the cold.
  13. How do we know that your neck isn't too long!
  14. What are you using your SS for, jason? Have you removed the plug?
  15. My SS kicks a helluva lot less than my O/U:D
  16. Banjo MD


    Agreed, easy to do.
  17. Sport shooter: You asked a pretty specific question so I'm gonna give you a specific answer; (providing the gun "feels right" and you're not hunting with "porting haters") look seriously at the Benelli SuperSport and Cordoba.
  18. Not the same! Similar yet different. ( How far does an ID gun's barrel move?)
  19. Don't forget the "ComforTech" system. I've shot wood-stocked ID guns next to my SS and "felt"recoil is less (in my opinion) with "ComforTech". They seem to spread the recoil-impulse over a longer time making it feel softer (I agree with Conny; this isn't recoil reduction it's recoil "spreading").
  20. Rost: Is the bolt locking back with a round sitting on the lifter? If so, when is the last time you pulled the trigger group and cleaned it?
  21. Banjo MD

    R1 ?

    Bad web page; don't know what is what!
  22. Jason, how long have you been shooting the clay sports? My great fear (and I'll bet tucker's, also) is that, by adding an Aimpoint or Burris, you will have a tendency to "check your lead" especially on crossers and lead checking=stopping the gun=missing behind!
  23. MSRP $1869 (Impact Guns $1,599.00) Couldn't tell you about the used M2, sorry.
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