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  1. Rost

    M1 Field vs M2

    Great question. There's nothing wrong with my current gun. It still shoots flawlessly at the moment. I have had to replace some parts on it though. 1. Theres a plate inside the but of the gun that snapped in half. 2. The rod inside the recoil spring. I am sure the gun would last for years to come. It's just that I'd like to add another gun to the cabinet.
  2. I love my M1 Field, but it's getting close to retirement. My original plan was to bump up to the M2, however, I was in Scheels the other day and noticed a used, but in mint condition M1 for darn cheap. So here's my question. Does the fancy choke system, recoil pad and dampning system really matter that much? i mean.. I have never noticed a sore shoulder or had problems with muzzle jump with my M1. Looking for honest answers. We're talking about $650 savings between the two.
  3. Here's a few more from last weekend.. This day was both good, and bad! Hunted water and I fell on my arse trying to cross the slough and zapped my camera. Had to use my daughters camera for the shot..
  4. Foiles Straight Meat, Heartland Flatliner II, and a cheap Primos Yo Sista..
  5. Goose Kabobs- cut into cubes then marinade in italian dressing, worchester sauce and brown sugar for a day of two. The key to this recipe is the brown sugar. Just before placing on the grill, I smother the kabobs in brown sugar. It glazes over real nice and tastes great. We also take about 100 pounds in to the local locker to make jerky and sticks.
  6. And a damn good gun! Most of us shoot the M1!
  7. Typical spread.. Good Dog!
  8. Kids Hunt- Sometimes the wifey gets after me for hunting.. but if I take the kids... it's all good! Give'um a blind, some candy, and a gatorade and they love it.
  9. Well, 1 month of the waterfowl season is over for us. To be honest, we've struggled a bit, but we have managed a few good shoots. Here are a few..
  10. 3.5 is probably better for killing birds. But I honestly don't believe it's nessesary. 4 guys in my group shot 200+ mallards and 175+ honks last year with out shooting a 3.5 inch shell. decoy um right and save some cash.
  11. Yep, when my M1 needs a scrub, I just fill the sink and use Dawn dish soap and a toothbrush. Rinse it under running (hot) water. When I am finished, I run a hair dryer over the parts to make sure they are completely dry. Works great.
  12. Easy fellas, I have 2 geese and 4 ducks in my freezer at this very moment. After the early goose season, we have a goose kabob game feed where we typically cook up around 30 birds. We also took 80 pounds of meat into the locker and had sticks and jerky made. Much of this went directly back to the land owners in appreciation for letting us hunt. NONE of our birds get wasted...I repeat NONE!
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