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  1. DocGP

    28 gauge ul

    I have the 20 ga ultralight and it is jam up!! One of my favorite shotguns. I mostly squirrel hunt in the East Texas woods and it is a pleasure to carry. Does kick a bit more than a heavier gun, but it is still a pleasure to shoot a round of skeet now and again. My only complaint about owning fine shotgun is that you will never want to go back to a cheap gun!!! Doc
  2. 9 more days!! We'll see!! Doc
  3. I liked the 12 so much I got the 20 also. All I have ever run is cheap WalMart trash ammo. Never had the first hiccup out of either one. OK, I have taken the 12 duck hunting 3 or 4 times, and have shot 3" steel. Dang does it kick . Doc
  4. OK, hope this hasn't been posted. Anyone have any hints as to all the goo-gah on the Benelli webpage? What new gun? Thanks Doc
  5. Yep!! You need to run about 1000 rounds through her!!! Have fun. Doc
  6. Within 10 yds, you pretty much just have a big slug of lead. That is the reason that you CANNOT just point and pull. You really should aim. You most certainly can miss with a shotgun at close range if you panic. If you hit, however, you hit with a sledgehammer. Doc
  7. Had my first good round with the 20ga Ultralight. Got to run about 100 rds through it. Cheapo Federal Wally World stuff. First off, this is a BEAUTIFUL shotgun. I really like the stock. Fit and finish is flawless. Metal is beautiful. I fell in love with the 12ga UL, so when this was released, I had to get on the list. I had no malfunctions of any kind. Every round fed, fired, and ejected flawlessly. I didn't clean it beforehand. Just pulled a snake through the barrel to be sure it wasn't obstructed, and started shooting. I did not pattern the gun, but it seemed to hit poi
  8. This is another of those videos that makes me say I won't shoot "anything" that someone hands me; Doc
  9. My son (11yr) LOVES the Ultralight 20. I haven't shot it much yet, but it weighs just a tad under 5lbs I think. He isn't at all intimidated by the recoil. Sure is a sweet little gun!!! My 12ga UL eats anything I feed it. I have no reason to doubt the little 20. Doc I'm sorry, edit to add; 5.2 lbs empty, probably 5.5 loaded.
  10. I have developed a strange obsession for my Benelli Ultralight 12, but I have always had a passion for the 20. Grew up hunting with them. My favorite shotty. Call me pumped up!!! One of my local dealers says he can get a BUL 20ga :D!! Man am I stoked. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture of the fraternal twins soon. Doc
  11. I am still drooling at the thought of one of these little babies, but haven't heard any more in a while. Are they still in the plan for production? Any info at all? Doc
  12. DocGP

    M4 Torture Test

    I think Thompson must be a particularly good sponsor as they seem to use an inordinate amount of Thompson guns. That was a real neat episode. Nice to know she COULD stand up to it if the need arises. One could easily end up DEAD from something like that. Doc
  13. I love my Ultralight....in fact, I am seriously considering picking up a second, however, I might caution that it may not be the gun for someone who does not like recoil. It is wonderfully light, and easily carried. It has a beautiful stock, and I really don't see it loosing much value. As a matter of fact, if the dollar keeps tanking, it will probably be worth more in a few years than what you give for it now. Now, as for recoil, with light loads it isn't bad. If you plan to just shoot skeet/coke cans, you will be fine. If you plan to duck hunt with 3" steel, or run any buck o
  14. DocGP

    New Light 20 ga

    Hey, if it is anywhere near the gun that the 12 is, I am in for one :D Doc
  15. Yep, that is the free market at it's best. If you are really so against that, just sell your new M4 for 500 bucks. You will feel good all the way home. No one is twisting any arms. Doc
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