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  1. Like the old cowboy said: "An unloaded gun is a poor hammer!"
  2. I would stick with the heat gun and smaller area heated myself.
  3. Alittle heat and penetrating oil works well, as a silversmith and welder, I would avoid using a torch unless you are very qualified with it.
  4. Are they still available, and how much?
  5. mishtub

    Long Stock

    I believe i got my shortened synthetic stock for my SBE1 from : http://www.lockstock.com (800-228-7925). I first contacted Bell and Carlson and they refered me to them. Good luck
  6. mishtub

    M4 Torture Test

    I guess I should have been more specific and mentioned it was on the Outdoor channel on Satellite TV, sorry.
  7. mishtub

    M4 Torture Test

    Just saw on the Guns and Ammo show 11-24-07 a torture test that involved dropping a 20 gauge shell down the throat of a M4 then shooting both slug then buckshot round through it. No apparent ill effects to the M4. I figured it would blow the barrel, suprised the testers as well. The 20 ga. shell went off and they recovered the first one at least.
  8. I agree with the full power loads, but IMHO the term "home defense" is a very broad. I consider it to mean that I am in my house, and someone has entered illeagally and intends to cause me or my family harm. In that case my choke of choice is cylinder bore with a shot size of BB or larger. Due to the close distance (less than 20') the pattern still won't be very large and the shot will be incapacitating. Personally I load 1st round in chamber is OO buck, then a slug, then finish out with OO.
  9. I contacted Bell & Carson in Dodge , who then referred me to a dealer of their stuff in Nebraska, bought a 1 1/2 shorter black synthetic stock for my SBE 1 on the way for $188. from the factory cost was almost $100 more.
  10. mishtub

    sbeI stock

    Thanks for the info , I am going to contact them in the morning. There are several interesting things in their lineup.
  11. mishtub

    sbeI stock

    Do they have a web site or do you have a phone # for them?
  12. mishtub

    3 vs 3.5

    after running several different shot sizes(7 1/2, 4,5,2,F and T) all of the same make and powder charge (per shot size) through my SBE1 over a chrono, I recorded a drop of 350-500 fps drop in velocity with 3 1/2 in. over 3 in. The 3 1/2 's have more shot with the same powder charge= greater recoil. Using patterning test targets and changing chokes made a greater difference on hits/shell than anything else I've tried. Having no way to test shot string length other than visual observation of the stream , it seems that the 3 1/2 is slightly longer. I stick with the 3 in. (more velocity= better penetration/knockdown) [ 03-14-2006, 10:23 PM: Message edited by: mishtub ]
  13. mishtub

    sbeI stock

    Is there anyone that makes a shorter length of pull synthetic stock for a SBE I?
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