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  1. So, if I purchased a new slug barrel for my SBE 2, would I also need to purchase an additional fore arm? Sorry to be so dense.
  2. Is there a difference in slug barrels for a SBE and a SBE 2? Does 1 barrel fit both guns? Also, I thought I once read that an additional forearm was needed with a slug barrel on one or both of these guns....is that true?
  3. My bad. After posting my message I found the search feature for this forum. I entered cleaning SBE 2 and found a great post from DuckFan about maintaining a SBE 2. I will try giving the recoil spring some attention without removing it and see if that works.
  4. I've had my SBE 2 for 5 years and it has worked beautifully......until this year. It's really starting to hang up, throw out an empty hull and the next shell in the same cycle, stove pipe, you name it. 3" or 3.5" doesn't seem to make a difference. I tried to take the gun apart, though it didn't look very dirty, and clean the bolt and inside of the receiver. I used Break Free on the parts when finished and it didn't seem to help. I have not attempted to clean the tube and spring in the stock yet, though that's probably next. In 5 years I've probably only shot 8 - 10 cases of shells through the gun. Do you think that warrents a check of the stock spring and tube?... I thought Benelli had made improvements to those parts with the SBE 2. Any info would be helpful.
  5. I have a SBE 2 in synthetic because the wood didn't come with the recoil reduction stuff in the stock. BUT, I often wonder how we went from beautiful shotguns that had blued metal part, high gloss wood, and lasted 20, 30, and 40 years to synthetic stocks and matte finish metal (or camo)? The newer versions have to be cheaper to manufacture, are higher than hedoublehockeysticks to buy, and don't seem to be able to hold up to 5 years shooting. Marketing I guess.
  6. I am very satisfied with the factory chokes that come with the SBE II. Prior to purchase, I used the same Browning B80 for 20 years. When I bought the Benelli I was floored by the how well the gun threw shot. I shoot Winchester Super X 3 & 3.5" BB's and at times I feel like I'm shooting lead.
  7. My family grew up shooting Brownings and I really hate to see the terrible quality they're new Silver Mallard is made of. I also like how the gun feels, a lot like the B-80 except in 3.5". What did Mudhen mean about Benelli and 50/50?
  8. Mudhen, how do you like shooting the Silver Hunter? I've looked at them and like 'em, but their advertising suggests great value for the $. Sounds like a disguise for cheap but I wondered what you thought.
  9. gowest

    Turkey Shoot

    Had my SBE 2 at it's first turkey shoot yesterday. I had the 1 notch (fullest) factory choke in and won the first 3 out of 4 rounds. I got so emberassed I had to quit. I can't say enough about the factory pattern I get with this gun. I still think it kicks like a mule with 3.5" loads, but if you can hang on to it, the gun is definately a workhorse.
  10. I will be shooting Hevi-Shot in my SBE II on Thursday. Do I understand that makers of Hevi-Shot recommend something like the choke with 2 notches instead of 1 notch(tightest?). Also, how do you guys know how many thousanths these chokes are? is it on the website? Thanks
  11. gowest

    Limbsaver Pad

    Mudhen, if you happen to test the pad, I would like to hear any comments.
  12. gowest

    Limbsaver Pad

    I ordered the Limbsaver recoil pad for my SBE II from Cabela's over the weekend. I'm really interested to see how it works.
  13. gowest

    Limbsaver 10402

    JLS, I'm interested in how the limbsaver pad performed over the weekend. Any info yet?
  14. gowest

    Limbsaver 10402

    I have a SBE 2 and would really like to know if the limbsaver pad makes any noticeable difference. Also, an earlier thread indicated there might be a problem with SBE 2's with the airtouch grip and the limbsaver pad. Any info?
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