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  1. I purchased a +2 from Milford Firearms ([email protected]) for $60 + shipping. The transaction was pretty smooth and the extension arrived on a Benelli shrink-wrapped card.
  2. JLS

    Limbsaver Pad

    I don't know what the "kick" difference is between your SBEs and my Nova h2o; but I put a Limbsaver on my gun and I'm very pleased with the reduction of recoil. Benelli didn't put much into the stock pad; I see no reason to put it back on.
  3. Nice...your pictures clearly distinguish the "good" end of your weapon from the "bad" end.
  4. JLS

    Limbsaver 10402

    I shot my Nova with and without the Limbsaver; compared to the original pad, the limbsaver is worth every penny. If the recoil of your gun is causing problems for you, get one. If it does not help, send it back. I'm keeping mine...
  5. Tucker, can I get one of those in a red and green tartan?
  6. Tucker, the weather observation that you have put forth has been the subject of front page news a couple of times since the first of the year. The entire Gulf Coast appears to be particularly vulnerable. I'm starting to put walls back in my house and I will not be finished by June 1st. I hope I can at least return it to its former glory before another "big one". I shot my Nova this weekend; the gun feels good and is fairly accurate. I have plenty of experimenting to do with different ammo and the Limbsaver is worth its price. I can say this: Chaos should allow me and mine at least 10
  7. We all have lost something if we loose this city; but more importantly, if it can happen here, it can happen where you live. New Orleans will rebuild and return to that place where there are very little worries. Good or bad, that's one of the reasons I live here (GREAT party town). Throughout history the "no worries" mentality has been a problem for the city; it's the proverbial double edge sword. I have been reading posts on this forum for months before joining. Very informative forum (hilarious at times); I'll be around; but NOW I have a gun to shoot! Later...
  8. JLS

    Limbsaver 10402

    I do not know how much difference the pad makes; it has a lot more "give” than the original pad. I'll be able to comment on Sunday after I take my Nova on her maiden voyage. According to Simm's Vibration Labs tech support, the Limbsaver recoil pad #10402 (SBE II / Nova) is not compatible with the SBE II Steady Grip stock.
  9. JLS

    Limbsaver 10402

    For those who just can't wait: I order mine from Cabela's (800-237-4444, ext. 121). The extension is to their "Special Orders" group; I gave them the part number and product description (and money); I received the pad in about a week with expedited shipping.
  10. The media spews whatever they think will "capture" their audience while bashing their intended target. I bought the Benelli to stand in for the Ithaca model 37 Deerslayer (lost in Katrina) that my Dad gave me when I was 16. There are a few for sale out there, but I really don't have much time to look. Anyway, the media did show the country the chaos that can erupt from such a catastrophe. Since I can't evacuate (job says I'm essential, Ha!), I thought the Nova h2o would be a good "chaos controller".
  11. FN_FAL: Thanks for the welcome. I actually found a factory matte finished extension and sent it to PA to have it electro-less nickel plated. It came out great and looks like the h2o on the website. Butch-M: The score is fairly low. A lot of confusion, uncertainty, frustration, rip offs and (thank goodness) a good bit of people from all over our great country helping out.
  12. I just purchased a Nova h2o; haven't had the chance to shoot it. I am enjoying this forum.
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