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  1. I shoot a lot of 3/4 oz loads in the 20 ga. I am using H-Universal powder in a AA hull with the AA-20 wad, which takes a 3/4 oz load nicely. Since I am shooting a SxS, I am not sure if this load will function in an inertia-operated semi-auto, but it works fine for me on targets.
  2. In a recent posting, it was mentioned that one disadvantage of the inertia system is that if fired while holding the gun against a concrete wall, the action will not cycle. Is this just internet rumor, or has someone actually tried it? Could anyone please explain to me why I would care if my M-2 will not cycle while holding it against a concrete wall, or any other immovable object? I don't mean to sound like a smart**s, but can anyone give me a possible scenario when this "fact" might be of any importance to anyone? Curious minds would like to know!
  3. As the owner of an M-2, I am fascinated by the "fact" that the inertia system will not function properly if the gun is fired when held up against a concrete wall. Is this a "rumor", or has anyone actually tried it? And could someone please explain to me why this matters to anyone, and give me any reasonable scenario of when I might need to know this "failure" of the inertia system? A curious person wants to know!
  4. USAFA71

    New M2

    When I got my M2, I just made sure that the first several boxes of ammo were standard 1-1/8 oz skeet/Trap loads. Since then I have reloaded 1 oz loads at 1200 fps, and 7/8 oz at 1250 fps with no problems. Yes, a break in helps, but I don't think it needs to be as extensive as some think. You can shoot 3" shells to break it in, but I surely didn't need to. It would be easier and cheaper to have a friend just hit you in the shoulder with a 2x4 a few times, and save the money on the 3" ammo. Sorry, don't mean to sound condescending, but I really don't think 3" ammo is needed for break in.
  5. Finally got out to try the 7/8 oz loads. Temperature was around 75 degrees. Using a #33 bushing with H-Clays, the 7/8 oz loads worked fine. Using a #32 bushing, this time with a single stage reloader(all the other loadings were with a MEC progressive), all worked well. When I got home, I checked and the single stage press with the #32 bushing throws almost the exact same charge as the #33 bushing in the progressive press. Hopefully next week I can try the same loads with a #32 bushing in the progressive, and will also try the #31 bushing. Since my normal 7/8 oz load uses the #30 bushing, I think I am happy with the results so far. I think that with the warm weather and a few more rounds through the gun, it should work well with 7/8 oz at about 1200 fps, which is what I am trying to achieve. Only time and more shooting will tell the story, so I will report back when I have more results.
  6. 10Gauge - I read your last post about a 20 ga Remington and checked the Remington web site. The only left-hand 1100 G3 shown is in 12 ga. I know Remington did make a true left-hand 20 ga years ago, but they are scarce and I have not seen one. I will check the site again and hopefully find the left-hand 20 ga. Remington stocks don't fit me very well, but if I can get a true left-hand 20 ga, I will make the sacrifice!
  7. I just picked up my M-2 Left-hand a few weeks ago. I would buy a left-hand 20 ga in an instant, but the volume is just not there. Most lefties are content to just use the right-hand version if they want a light weight 20 ga. As I near retirement, I have learned that life is too short to drink cheap beer(thanks, Warstiner!) and life is too short to shoot guns you aren't happy with. That is why I have traded several guns lately to get the ones I wanted in the first place. I now have 11 left-hand long guns, and at least three that qualify as ambidextrous. If the 12-15% of the population that is left-handed would demand left-handed guns, then maybe the market would respond. Until then, we will have to be happy with what the manufacturers feel like sending us.
  8. 10 ga - The last loads I tried were with AA-HS and Remington Gun Club hulls. I have a source for free STS hulls, so from now on I will use those for most of my reloading. I pick up once fired Gun Club hulls at the skeet range because most people leave them, and since they reload just like the STS, I used to pick them up. So far the only disadvantage I have found to the Benelli, and it was the same with the Beretta 391, is that I am not wild about bending over to pick up the hulls after a few rounds of skeet. But now with free STS hulls, I won't worry about picking them up! Looks like next week before I can get back out to try the 7/8 oz loads. Something about retiring from one job and starting another that keeps getting in the way of important things, like shooting! Will keep everyone posted when I have more results.
  9. I recently purchased the M-2 left hand over the SBE II. I use the gun more for doves and targets, so therefore the 3-1/2 capability is lost on me. If I do go after ducks/geese, then the 3" loads of Hevi-shot or other similiar loads will do the job out to any range I can hit anything. And I don't have the added expense and/or weight of a gun capable of doing something I can't! If you think you need the extra capability of the SBE, or you like the way it handles better, then by all means get it. After all, perception is reality. If you think you like the SBE better, then you will most likely shoot it better.
  10. Went out yesterday and tried some more 1 oz loads. We had a heat wave, and the temperature was up to 60 F. I tried 1 oz loads using a MEC #30 bushing of Clays(approx 16.5 gr) and it would cycle. Again the #29 bushing would not cycle. Maybe with some more break-in the #29 bushing loads will work, but it seems that the M-2 will work with 1 oz loads down to about 1150-1175 fps, which is what I wanted it to do. Now I have some 7/8 oz loads made up, and will post results when I can shoot again. As the Hodgdon manual starting loads for 7/8 oz loads using Clays powder are at 1200 fps, I doubt that the M-2 will cycle with loads that light. But I have some loaded up to about 1300 fps so we will see how it goes. I would think that once the gun is broken in well, say around 1000 rounds, that the minimum loads could be dropped one bushing and still function. Only time will tell, and I will let you know how it goes. I never expected the M-2 to cycle loads as light as the Beretta 391, but we shall see how low we can go!
  11. 10 Gauge I have been using Clay Buster wads for about 10 years now, but they do seem to leave more plastic build-up on the choke tubes. I know that CB uses recycled plastic, which may be the cause of the build-up. Not that it is that hard to clean up. But lately I have been using DownRange wads, and I am very happy with them. They use virgin plastic, and I can notice the difference when I load them. The DR wads slip into the hull with much less resistance than the CB. I haven't shot them enough to comment on the plastic build-up, but others at Shotgun World say they don't leave as much. Time will tell!
  12. I did have a gas gun, a Beretta 391, and it would cycle well with loads as light as 3/4 oz at 1150 fps. But Beretta does not make a left-hand model, and Benelli does, so I traded. I already knew that the Benelli might not work with really light loads like the Beretta, but I just got tired of the hulls ejecting in front of my face, and decided that I didn't need to take it anymore! Life is too short to shoot guns you don't like! I just got back from testing the 1 oz loads. Temperature was 25 F. Using Remington hulls, CB 1 oz wads, and WW 209 primers, using MEC bushings, the results were: #33 bushing(19.0gr H-Clays/1250 fps) worked fine. #31 bushing(17.0 gr H-Clays/1180 fps) worked fine, but hulls ejected about 2 ft away. #29 bushing(16.2 gr H-Clays/1150 fps) would not cycle. This was with 150 rds through the gun for break-in. I finished with a box of Remington Game Load 1 1/8 oz loads at 1145 fps, which ejected about 6 ft. So with the gun not really broken in with only 150 rds through it, it will cycle with 1 oz loads just below 1200 fps. With more rounds through the gun, and warmer weather, I would expect the lighter loads to work better. I did not expect it to cycle as well as the Beretta(which had almost 4000 rds), and was not disappointed with how it handled the 1 oz loads. I will continue to shoot it with loads it likes, and after 500 rds I will try it with 7/8 oz loads down to 1150-1200 fps. I am confident that it will work with 7/8 oz loads at 1250 fps, which will satisfy my needs. While I liked my Beretta 391, and shot it well, I really like the Benelli and I am glad I got it. Even if it won't work with loads as light as the Beretta, I am very happy not having hulls tossed in front of my face. While I know that you are supposed to watch the target, and therefore would not be distracted by the ejecting hull, as a left-handed shooter who has been "making do" with other guns all my life, I finally decided to "have it my way." I could not be any happier! Once I get around to testing the 7/8 oz loads, I will post an update for those interested. Best wishes, Rusty
  13. I took the M-2 out last week to test it. The temperature was 17 degrees(F, not C!) To break the gun in, I shot four boxes of factory Nobel Sport 1-1/8 oz loads. Needless to say the gun worked fine, which is more than I can say for the nut behind the trigger. All loads functioned fine, with hulls hitting the ground about 6 ft away. Was not happy with the recoil, but that is just me. I have four boxes of 1 oz reloads waiting for the weather to cooperate. Will try to get out today and will post the results. After the 1 oz loads, assuming they work, then will try the 7/8 oz loads. I anticipate the 7/8 oz loads will work, but will probably have to up the velocity a bit to compensate for the cold temperature. Will post results when I have them, as many are interested in using lighter loads also.
  14. I am about to purchase an M-2 Comfortech 12 ga with 26"barrel and was wondering if anyone is having problems with the gun cycling with 7/8 oz loads. I reload and prefer to keep velocity around 1200 fps but can go higher for improved reliability. This also assumes the gun is broken in with a few hundred rounds of regular 1-1/8 oz loads first. Thanks for your input.
  15. USAFA71

    Bore Diameter

    I will pick up my M-2 this week, and am looking at getting some extended choke tubes. Does anyone know the nominal bore diameter of the 12 ga M-2? I ask because my Beretta 391 with MobilChoke is on the small side at .725, and I was hoping to be able to use the same chokes in the M-2.
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