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New SuperNova Tactical owner...need help!!


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Greetings all.. Well, after taking my new SuperNova Tactical out to the range the other day, I feel pleased with my purchase...so far. This is the first shotgun I have ever owned and to be honest, am not all that great at telling "good" from "bad" at this point. Anyway, I will get to my questions. First, I have noticed the fore-end rattle most people complained about with the Novas. I thought, based on what I have read, that Benelli was supposed to have corrected this for the SuperNovas. To be honest, it really doesnt bother me as I really have to shake the gun to get it rattling. Tightening the action bar retaining pins didnt really help. That just seemed to make it much more difficult to actuate the pump. So, for now, I will live with it.


More importantly is my second issue. When cleaning the gun after shooting, I noticed that several spots, near the barrel end of the receiver, seemed to be un-coated. Instead of factory black coating, I found 3 somewhat symmetrical spots that were gold..certainly un-coated. These were located, roughly, at the following locations: 6 o'clock, 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. Now, when I fit the barrel into the receiver, the barrel extension seemed to cover these spots. So, with everything assembled, looking into the receiver/chamber, you would never notice it. It is only when the barrel is off that these fairly rough, unsightly spots are seen. So, is this intentional for some reason or would this be considered a major defect in the coating? Any help on these matters would be appreciated. Sorry about the long post...but Im new here. Thanks.

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Once more, I will bump this thread..after this, its customer service time! If that fails, I shall just live with these issues. Fortunately, for now, the chamber finish issue doesnt seem to have much effect on the reliable feeding/extracting of ammo. It just looks ugly!! I guess an expeditious use of Weapon Shield lubricant just might be necessary in order to keep the obviously exposed metal from rusting. Even though I love the looks/functionality of the Benelli, I just might be going with a Remington 870 Marine Magnum or XCS next time. Either that or one of the "military" style Mossbergs. If nothing else, I can be certain parts and/or mods will be FAR more obtainable with these models.

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