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  1. If it "shot out" upon trying to remove the retainer itself, use a screwdriver (I use a Phillips) in order to keep any projectile issues at bay upon removal. Otherwise, try using your thumb to catch the retainer as you remove the cap. If nothing else, you might try replacing the spring retainer as it could be that the current one has been worn a bit too smooth. Of course, there is the idea that the spring itself may simply be a bit too long.
  2. Easy breakdown...just refer to the manual.
  3. I am sure that any competent gunsmith would be able to replace the tube for you without too much trouble. In fact, the hardest part would probably be finding a replacement. Now, you could probably replace this tube yourself, but you would need the proper tools and perhaps, some Loctite red (for instance). Given the cost of these items, along with the potential of screwing things up, you would probably be better off just having a "professional" do the installation.
  4. To the OP: I am sure this has been mentioned before, but regardless of what you are using as a "base" for your safe, I strongly suggest keeping several dessicants inside, in order to help keep things dry. I personally prefer those which can be reactivated within an oven (these come in metal canisters). How many one should use depends on the square footage of the safe. Dehumidifiers are also available, but may be less cost effective vs. the dessicants. This is true. However, many thieves want an "easy" acquisition of goods, unless they have quite a bit of time on their hands. Hence, even if a safe is "merely" bolted to a wall via the studs (preferably close to the floor), this takes effort and time; time which a potential thief may not have. Particularly when other valuables are in plain sight. So, for instance, better a wall mounted safe than nothing at all. Besides, ever try to bolt a small 2 gun safe to a floor? Not nearly as "easy" as doing the same with one of those monolithic, 500+lb. safes! Of course, effective weapon insurance, to me, means more than any of this. After all, if someone wants your weapons badly enough, given enough time and skill, even that "fort knox" style safe (bolted to the floor) won't keep this stuff from going "bye-bye." It is all about making things harder for the thief. But, impossible? This is very tough to do, IMHO.
  5. Did the gun not come with an Owners Manual? If not, go here to download one from the Benelli site: http://www.benelliusa.com/downloads/manuals.php This should give you a good start, at least in terms of breaking down the gun for cleaning duty. In terms of videos, AGI usually has good stuff. Unfortunately, their videos do not cater to the Benelli crowd. So, if after perusing the Owners Manual you are left wanting more, you might try searching YouTube for a good video. I can almost guarantee they are out there. You will just have to do a bit of searching and of course, be wary of separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Of course, the previously mentioned guide by "Tucker301" would be good reading as well. Either way, if your gun does not have a manual, I would at least take the time to download it...if able.
  6. Price reduction C'mon...you guys are killing me! Nobody here needs a light? And an inexpensive, high quality one at that! Anyway, I am reducing the cost of the M3X light to $90 shipped. If bought with the $35 shotgun adapter, I will ship both for $120.
  7. I am selling an Insight Technologies M3X tactical illuminator (long gun version) white light system. This light originally came with a short, "handgun style" remote switch. This was not ideal. Hence, I bought a curly cord remote switch to allow for practical use with a pump shotgun. This particular remote switch will be needed if you plan on using this on such a weapon...trust me. Also, for sale is an Insight Technologies shotgun adapter which will allow the M3X (along with other lights) to be attached to a shotgun via the tube. All items listed are in new condition and come in factory case (documentation included). No blemishes or mechanical issues of any kind. These will be shipping from Oklahoma. I am asking $100 shipped for the M3X light, which will include the curly cord remote switch and, of course, the original "handgun" length switch. If bought new, this light (along with the curly cord remote switch) would easily cost over $200. I will also include a spare set of batteries. For the shotgun adapter, the asking price is $35 shipped. This adapter will work with multiple lights and/or shotguns. I have used this for both my Supernova and Mossberg 590. If you buy both items, the asking price will be $130 shipped. Below are links to the various items for sale. These links are to the manufacturer website, detailing these items. I provided these links vs. simply having posted my own pics because I felt that much more useful information could be gathered this way. http://www.insighttechgear.com/products-m3x-lg.htm http://www.insighttechgearstore.com/xseries-shotgun-remote.html (will be included with light) http://www.insighttechgearstore.com/shotgun-adapter1.html If the previously mentioned prices do not suit you, PM me and maybe we can work something out. But, IMHO, these items are priced more than fair...given their quality and initial expense. This light is mil-spec, light in weight, water proof (to a degree), bright, comes equipped with 2 styles of remote switches, offers a respectable battery life and is very durable. Here is a pic with the light (and curly cord remote) installed on my shotgun...
  8. As my post implied, this gun has the Steadygrip stock (which is the Benelli pistol grip stock) and ghost ring sights. Also, as you may have seen in the pic, it is black. The condition is like new, with roughly 50 rounds or so through the gun (all low recoil Federal).

  9. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that "yes," these guns will use the same barrel. The main difference between the two guns, aside from minor improvements, seems to involve stock interchangeability. Hence, the Nova does not allow for this, while the Supernova does.
  10. Personally, I do not prefer the 6 shell sidesaddle; its a balance/weight thing for me. Hence, I generally prefer the 4 shell configuration (I used the Mesa Tactical for a while). Of course, after a bit of trial and error, I went with a butt stock mounted carrier (Mesa Tactical 4 shell). The only downside is, you need to have the SteadyGrip stock in order to use this particular item. Luckily, this is my stock of choice.
  11. This is the only pic I have for now. I can try to take a few more for those who are truly interested in this gun. But, pictures wont do this gun justice. It is "like new" and rock solid. As a side note- If any are wondering why I am selling this gun, it is simply because I have opted to make the Mossberg 590A1 my primary shotgun of choice, for various reasons. Hence, the Benelli is now my "safe queen" and in essence, is no longer needed. Also, if some here are interested in either the gun and/or accessories, yet cannot reconcile the price(s), PM me and let me know why. Maybe we can work something out....if reasonable.
  12. I am selling my SuperNova Tactical which comes equipped with ghost ring sights and a SteadyGrip stock. It has seen only 50 rounds or so since I bought it new just over one year ago. Also, I have a Comfortech stock which I am needing to sell, either with or without the gun. In addition, I have miscellaneous accessories such as a weapon mounted light (by Insight), a Mesa Tactical shell carrier, a Nordic Components +2 mag extension and the like. In terms of the shotgun, I am asking $400 (minus S+H). For the Comfortech stock, I am asking $65 (including shipping). If you buy this stock with the gun, I will sell it for $50. If interested in the other accessories, please PM me for prices. BTW- While I would certainly be willing to ship the shotgun out of state, I would prefer to sell locally. Either way, this gun will ship from Oklahoma City. If bought locally, the price will be $400 cash. If bought out of state, again, I will ask for $400+S&H (via PayPal only). Keep in mind, this is not a desperate sale. So, don't expect me to just give this weapon away. Hence, the price is fairly non-negotiable. If I have to sell it for much less, I would be better off keeping the weapon. However, the accessories I really do not need, save for the NC extension, regardless of whether or not I sell the shotgun. This includes the Comfortech stock. So, if you are not wanting the gun but are interested in the stock or whatever, don't hesitate to contact me. PM me if interested or if you have any questions. Thanks. Here is a pic, albeit a bad one, of this gun...along with some of the previously mentioned accessories.
  13. For your gun, Id go with the Nordic +2 extension. I have one and love it. Its a great design in that it is 3 individual pieces, thus allowing for easier replacement/maintenance. I have tried others which were a bit longer, but they were generally too heavy and not up to par when compared to the quality of Nordic Components. If you want quality with minimal weight, well...you know my recommendation. You have a short barrel. Therefore, your choices will be limited in terms of mag tube extension sizes (behind the muzzle). Get used to it.
  14. You gotta see the forest for the trees on this one, ya' know? And if you miss...reload, reload, reload. If you run short on ammo...bad show.
  15. I understand the logic. However, during the max intensity of a violent HD encounter or even during a fearful "bump in the night" situation, I doubt most would bother with bouncing the light. If nothing else, I tend to view such a system as a potential legal liability. Im not against them, but Im not sure a rabid anti-gun prosecutor would feel the same. Also, becoming proficient in one-handed shooting is a vital skill, I believe. After all, you wont always be able to count on using both hands. If I were military or police, and "search and destroy" was the name of the game, I could see the benefits. But, for most HD situations, at "how do ya' do" distances, I think a white light system (weapon mounted) is not entirely necessary. Regardless, I do see some positives of weapon mounted systems, along with various negatives. For now, I tend to prefer a flashlight. Besides, Im not crazy about the extra "drag" when using a weapon mounted light and my place is small enough to where I can keep it well lit with night lights, thus eliminating the need for a weapon mounted light...for the most part. But, who knows? Maybe one day I will choose to keep such a system on one of my handguns, should it be needed. Time will tell.
  16. Glad to be back. Now, to comment on the 8+1, etc., etc... I personally do not use my 590 because of the capacity; heck, I only keep 5 in the tube. But, it never hurts to have greater "initial" capacity, if needed. I will admit, however, that I tend to keep 5 more on the stock. Better safe than sorry I suppose. Kinda like keeping an extra loaded mag around for the ol' pistol. Nothing wrong with that. In regards to the SNT, I just think it is ridiculous to label a shotgun as "tactical," yet only offer a mere 4 shot tube capacity.
  17. The SNT is nice. But, if buying this for HD duty, beware of the minimal 4 shot capacity (5 if you keep one in the pipe). For HD exclusive, you may be better off with a Mossberg 590 A1 (which can be had for roughly the same amount, if you search). I'm not knocking the SNT by any means. I have one and find it superior to almost any shotgun for the price. But, build quality aside, there are some downsides to the SNT. Just a thought. I would sell you mine, but given that its my first shotgun ever, it holds a bit of sentimental value. Regardless, its essentially a safe queen now. The 590 has taken its place. Not that the 590 is better, mind you. Rather, its about practicality/ergonomics/parts replacement cost. Having said that, my 590 (with a tritium front bead sight) is formidable enough.
  18. For personal CC, I use the SmartCarry holster. This, along with the XD40 SC, has proven to be a good solution. Also, it enables me to carry a spare mag if needed. Personally, I do not like wearing a weapon on the hip or in the small of my back. On the hip tends to "print" too much; behind the back is a b*tch to get to (if in a hurry). When using the SmartCarry, I keep the butt of the gun a bit higher than normal, closer to what one may call the "Mexican carry," as this allows quicker access. Only downside is that I need to keep my shirt un-tucked. But, this is a minor issue. If I were to use this holster with a tucked shirt, I would need pants roughly 2 sizes larger. Oh well...Nobody said CC was easy. I do keep a few Safariland holsters around, along with some cheapo Uncle Mikes rigs. But, these are almost exclusively for transport to the range or for CC within a vehicle. As a side note (off topic...but, based on a pic I saw here, I have to comment)- I generally avoid lights on guns due to the fact that, by nature, they essentially require a [loaded] weapon to be pointed at a target to be useful. This opens the door for liability for several reasons (not to mention, Im sure, quite a bit of debating). Regardless, for now, I prefer to keep a small Surefire hand held flashlight around (possibly in addition to using tritium sights). Only downside here is that one needs to become quite proficient in one handed shooting. So it goes..... Now, for shotguns, Im not sure. But, mounting a light on an already heavy weapon (particularly the Mossberg 590 A1) makes for a very front heavy weapon indeed. Frankly, I try to keep my home well lit with "strategically" placed night lights. Sounds queer, but it can be an effective alternative if/when things go "bump" in the night.
  19. Nice shotgun. I have one just like it. I also have a Nordic Components extension tube (not currently installed), an Insight tube mounted light I keep around (again, not installed) and for certain occasions, an Urban ERT sling. I personally like this gun, but have chosen to use my Mossberg 590 (converted to an A1, essentially) as I just dont dig the 4 shell capacity of the SuperNova Tactical. Yes, I could use the extension, but given that I keep a shotgun around for HD use, I seem to recall that having an extension on a completely "foreign" made shotgun, while using a pistol grip type stock (even though its a full stock), could be considered a no-no... from a legal standpoint. Not sure. Besides, I find the ergonomics/features/practicality of the 590 a bit more desirable for HD use. The Benelli is now reserved mainly for slug duty (as needed). Either way, here is pic (albeit a bad one) of my old SNT setup: Clean it first. Most new guns come from the factory with all sorts of sh*t on them. Best not to shoot it in that condition.
  20. Im not sure if this will work on the Benelli (cant see why it would not, however), but you might also look into the Vang Comp stainless followers. I have one in my Mossberg 590 and it has functioned flawlessly. This follower seems deep enough to keep the mag spring in check, but shallow enough to still allow for "true" capacity. Im currently looking into acquiring one for my Benelli SuperNova Tactical.
  21. In addition to what has already been offered here, I might suggest this as a last resort if nothing else. There should be two allen screws located on the forend (one on each side). I have noticed that either tightening or loosening these screws (on my SuperNova Tactical) has a noticeable affect on how the cycling action "feels." So, if nothing else works, maybe give it a shot. Just dont overdo it one way or the other. I suggest using no more than 1/4 to 1/2 increments when turning the screws. I hope you get it sorted out...the SuperNova is generally considered to be a fine weapon.
  22. Ouch! As usual, Benelli barrels prove once again to be quite expensive. As a suggestion, would simply using Brenneke type rifled slugs suffice? It would be a whole lot cheaper than a new Benelli barrel. Just a thought...
  23. Even though I personally prefer 00 Buckshot (Low Recoil) to anything else, I once again will play Devils advocate on this one. Thing is, even though such overpenetration cases may be rare as you stated, the legal liabilities (for many) are just too real and scary; thus, this may outweigh the benefits of using buckshot for HD...particularly "full house" 00 buck.
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