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Under-bored Benelli barrles....


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Does anyone know why Benelli's come with a .723 diameter barrel, where as, a Browning comes with a .743? Remington has a .740 and Beretta has a .733. Does this under-boring produce better patterns?


This would mean a cylinder choked Benelli is equivilent to an improved choked Beretta. Or a modified choked Remington.:confused:

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The standard reply I have been given for the past 20 years by anyone at Benelli about the .723 bore (btw, I have had Benellis from .718 - .724) has been "so the gun will work". The gist is that inertia guns need smaller bores. This is what I have been told over the years.


My personal opinion is that under-bored barrels pattern small pellet loads well, but as the pellet size goes up, back-bored/over-bored barrels start to pattern better.


I tend to shoot smaller pellet loads in my Benellis and larger pellet loads in my Brownings.


Just my take.

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