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New to this Forum... Have questions about the M1014...


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I have two of the original 1,500 M1014s, complete with fake folding stock, and US Flag stamped into the receiver. These babies are strictly for serious social difficulties, and are not for looks, collectors, or trade/sale. My only dislike, is the lack of grandfathered "real" folding stocks. Fake ones, should you be forced to butt-stroke a bad guy, could well shatter, leaving you with a very expensive club, never to be used as a shotgun again...


Has anybody any ideas as to how to one might mount a Harris B**** on the magazine tube? I've just purchased a couple of Series "H" BRM b****s, and have been looking at the HB4 Universal Adapter. Does anyone have experience with mounting b****s on tactical shotguns, or using the HB4 Universal Adaptor?


Currently, both weapons have Aimpoint M4 optics, the new standard for US Military Forces. Tritium Ghost Rings, as well... Eventually, I want to get DS Arms' tactical forearms, with four full length Picatinny rails onboard... Then, lights and lasers will be employed.


As a serious, CQB weapon, for WHEN the TSHTF, the M4/Super 90/M1014 family has no equals...


Any and all ideas welcome.


OldPaladin, out...

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Your software is imprecise. I am trying to inquire about the mounting of a Harris DUAL MONOPOD COJOINED AS TO CREATE A DUAL SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR STEADYING A SHOULDER WEAPON... This means mounting same, on a pair of Benelli M1014 combat shotguns... When I use the correct term, your computer thinks I'm referring to adult, female canines...


I'd like you to please fix this glitch, as it takes away from an often necessary piece of firearm hardware...


Thanks, OldPaladin

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Guest cleefurd

:)Guess you may not have noticed his original post, quote; "These babies are strictly for serious social difficulties, and are not for looks, collectors, or trade/sale." ... dude

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