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Anybody interested in a Nordic Components tube clamp w/rail?


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Im not sure yet, but I just may be needing to sell this item. This is because, well...I simply may not need it. It has only been installed once on my SuperNova. It was on my shotgun for roughly 2 minutes. So, essentially, this is a brand new part. If I do end up selling this thing, I will be asking $40 (cashiers check or money order only). I will take care of shipping via USPS. However, no shipping will take place until funds are verified and in my bank account. Below is a link for this product, to give you an idea of what it looks like:




If you might be interested, let me know. Again, this isnt a "for sure" thing, but Im betting on 80% at this point.

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Hey there...Unfortunately, I havent decided on whether or not I will be selling this item. The only reason I have this clamp is for mounting a light onto my shotgun. However, I have been considering buying yet ANOTHER shotty and simply using my current light on the new gun. But, as I havent reached that point, Id hate to sell the Nordic clamp (being the only means by which I can use my current weapon mounted light).


But, I will probably wind up selling this Nordic clamp upon the purchase of my next shotgun (in about a month or so). So, if you are interested, be patient. Since you are the first to respond, I will give you first rights of refusal.

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