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M1 Fails to fire, trigger issue


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Was sea duckin today and my M1 started acting up bad, 3x! Pulled the trigger and no boom! Lately taking the gun apart, cleaning, shooting etc., I have noticed the trigger pull feels different. The gun is a 93 M1S90. Has been shot a ton. The trigger pull/creep almost feels like a 2 stage trigger, you can feel the hammer and trigger release, then catch again, and then release completely. Not a smooth continuous pull, I use those terms loosely as it is a shotgun trigger. Field stripping the trigger assembly if you look closely at the inside curl of the hammer there is a slghtly rounded area just before the final catch lip that engages the opposing hammer lip that keeps the trigger cocked. IF you mannually cock the trigger you can push the hammer down to this point and get the trigger lip to catch on this instead of the hammer lip. When I do this I get the same 2-stage feel when pulling the trigger. I always get a release here and not a failure, but it does replicate the feel when the gun is fully assembled. This false catch is real slight and if you give the trigger assembly a tap the hammer lip catches properly on the trigger lip. Today when stripping the gun down, had to take it down to bare bones due to rain, the bolt return spring housing was partially unthreaded. Obviously this might cause the bolt to short stroke and not to be properly forced into battery. And that extra wiggle/jarring of the bolt going into final battery might be enough to mitigate the false catch. Looking at the schematics is the rounded lip on the inside of the hammer related to how the dis-connector, hammer, and trigger sears engage?


Has anyone else expereinced this problem? Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Parts I might consider replacing due to age?


Thanks in advance!


Trip Day

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