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  1. I am looking for a sling that will sit comfortable across my chest and be quickly accessable to fire. Any Suggestions? Also would really like a light but I dont fee like getting a mag extension to do it.
  2. Are there any mounts for Surefire G2 that clamp onto the barell of the gun without getting an extension tube
  3. do you have a pic? also, I would have to purchase a different mag tube cap ??
  4. I am looking for a sling that will use the middle of the buttstock, from the looks of what I have seen the other end of the sling has a picitiny attachment (which means I would need the mount + nordic extension) what slings are you guys using
  5. I recently picked up a super nova tactical in desert camo. The first thing I would like to do is fine a mount for my surefire g2 light. The only mounts I have seen are for weapons that already have an extension tube, I wasnt planning on getting an extension tube but if I have to I will. Where can I purchase a mount or what make/model does it take? Where can I purchase an exntension tube make/model?
  6. I picked up the Primos Jelly Head for SBII 660....What is a good 3.5" Load to use please include THE BRAND thanks.
  7. I posted on another part of this forum, thank you to those who replied. Looking for other opinions as well, I have an SBII with crio I am looking for a good turkery choke/load combination. I am hearing jelly head .655 and winchester shells..anyone else?
  8. Can anyone recommend a combo that you saw good results with for turkey hunting with a SBII? Im looking for a good pattern
  9. NJgunner

    SBII Chokes

    It worked itself out lol..the gun just likes alot of lube in the recoil tube I think...or maybe the 15 rounds of 3.5" 00buck I fired this season broke it in that much more. who knows
  10. NJgunner

    SBII Chokes

    I have an SBII with Crio Choke. Ive been using FULL CHOKE for deer hunting along with Federal Vital Shok 3.5" 00buckshot. Ive heard of Patternmaster extending your range and giving you a better pattern (hence the name). Has anyone tried a patternmaster extended range on paper next to stock full choke from benelli?
  11. You need to get used to how the bolt looks when closed/partially open. Its important to let the bolt slam shut and take notice of how it looks, which in the pic is fine. If you pull back on it by using the handle about halfway to the locked position and let it go forward very gently it will look strange. It also will not fire you will hear the famous "click" because the bolt is not fully closed. Hope I didnt confuse you lol
  12. NJgunner

    Help help help

    The barrel is garbage buy a new one. you sure he was firing the proper ammunition and shells sized for that gun?
  13. its a piece of she1t lol
  14. NJgunner

    M3 S90 Stock

    all i can say is "wow" $$$$$$$$$$$
  15. Ive never patterned my shotgun (SBII 24") but I did shoot a deer at 60-70 yards with a standard full crio choke and 3.5" federal vital shok 00 buck.
  16. I beleive that model has a louder "clack clack" for home invaders hahahahahahahahahhah
  17. Welcome to the forum. CLP stands for CLEANER LUBRICAN PROTECTANT its a popular 3 in 1 product for guns, military uses it. What kind of rounds are you shooting?
  18. I will pay $100 more than him....pm me ...........................................................................................................................................................................jk haha
  19. NJgunner

    Ejector slide?

    On an SBII does this need a drop of clp or should I run it dry?
  20. I have an SBII 24" with comfortech. I shoot Federal Vital Shok 3.5" 00 buckshot with full choke. Just curious if anyone has done any patterning with this gun and 3.5" buckshot? What is your best load/choke pattern?
  21. I had problems with federal wing shok 2 3/4" 1500fps #5 shot ejecting. This was ONLY on the first round of a hunting outing, it sometimes stovepipes or fails to eject. Make sure you press the plunger down inside of the stock and oil the inside of the recoil tube and also oil the bolt rails and where the bolt rides inside of the reveiver.
  22. The gun is about $1400 you shouldnt have to do anything to it. Why waste your money on a surecycle system? Just keep the stock recoil tube clean and lubed and you will be fine. You wouldnt know the difference in cycling between stock or surecycle. If you want to get something different maybe try a different sight like an easy hit fiber optic sight
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