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Nova problem


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I bought a Nova last year for waterfowl hunting. Worked great no problems at all. Must of put over 3000 shells through the gun since and no problems until last week. about 50% of the time when i shoot and pump the shell ejects but the next shell does not pop down. It acts as if i am pressing the button on the pump but i am not. I have to sit there and slam the pump down a few times for it to work. I have missed alot of birds due to this. The gun gets cleaned everytime i use it so i know its not dirty. Any thoughts?

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The spring still has good tension. The carrier seems to be operating perfect. The shell just will not come out of the magazine. If i touch the shell with my finger it comes out imediatly.


How does the button on the fore-arm work? It is not being pressed but that is exactly what it is acing like.

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