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  1. Just checking to see if anyone has a factory Nova/Supernova extension.
  2. Why does everyone keep skirting the issue? There isn't any debate as to if a DI gun works fine, can fire thousand of rounds or can be maintained by a monkey. Thing is that no matter the lubrication status of any of the parts a DI gun is going to need much more than a wipe down after 1000+ rounds, a PD will not. As for accuracy issues give me a break it is a fricking battle rifle not some match grade target rifle. Then again some still think it's a marketing ploy so who knows what you guys will think of next. Seriously though if you notice the accuracy differences than you shoot an assault rilfe off bags and shouldn't be in this conversation anyway. The best part of this thread is the fact that I have both kinds of systems and only mentioned obvious pros & cons. I loved my DI wanted nothing to do with a PD AR but after buying one there is no debate as to it's advantages.
  3. Sorry but how dirty a DI operated AR gets is no debate.
  4. And I've seen guys bury Glocks in mud and fire it but I'll never do it to mine. In any case your trying to make an argument for an inferior system and there isn't one. But since were on the subject I might as well add that a DI gun fired 1000+ times would need a complete cleaning of the chamber, bolt, barrel and carrier. A PD model would just need a wipe down and a brush down the barrel.
  5. What lube I used doesn't matter as claiming that a DI will fire 1000+ times with no oil burn off or a half pound of **** in the reciver/bolt/carrier is bogus. It really comes down to the fact that a PD runs cooler, cleaner and longer than it's DI counterpart, period. As for a parts count DI vs PD you might want to take one apart because it uses less parts than a DI gun.
  6. I don't care how long piston systems have been in use beyond the platform being discussed. Just like it doesn't matter about what you think of DI vs PD when suppressed as last I checked standard issue weapons weren't suppressed let alone desired. And after owning a DI and PD at the same time anyone who says the PD gets just as dirty is full of ****. Most piston systems vent gasses behind or infront of the front sight which is nothing compared to 20% of gasses being dumped into the reciever. I'd also like to add that the lube I applied before my 500rd outting was still there on my PD AR. Had I done the same with my DI it would've been a single shot weapon.
  7. The AR platform itself is good and can be configured to meet damn near any demmand one might have. But the DI system they use is dirty and has been rendered obsolete by modern piston driven systems. I don't give two shits what anyone says the piston system is better, cleaner and could be implemented into service with ease. The new trials require a piston driven system to be used and the old M4A1 isn't even allowed to participate. I think it's fair to assume that this is due to the fact that modern systems will prove what a POS the old DI system is and if it isn't there no one can say I told you so. In the end it's a shame that it has taken this long but hopefully our fighting men and women will soon have better tools in their hands.
  8. No offense but you couldn't give me one.
  9. Like the tilte says if you have a NIB please drop me a PM. And not to be a dick but if I wanted to pay $400 I'd buy one from a gunbroker Nazi so please be resonable.
  10. Anyone here know the part number for this or where a guy could find it? Thanks
  11. Ok, how about $50 shipped?
  12. As the title says I've got a new in box Benelli MR1 forend for sale. Figured one of you could use a spare or one for some custom work. I'd like to get $75 but am open to offers so let me know if you're interested.
  13. cody6.0

    FS: Ammo

    Still available.
  14. As of 2/24 all prices include shipping.
  15. cody6.0

    FS: Ammo

    The buckshot is the typical 5rnd boxes.
  16. cody6.0

    FS: Ammo

    Updated 2/23/2011
  17. cody6.0


    They still haven't payed me my last rebate.
  18. I've seen a few Benelli extensions at local gun shops and even one at a Scheels. I'll check it out and if they still have one I'll grab it. Cody
  19. cody6.0

    Benelli Tactical

    It's also nice that the MR1's sights are much closer to the bore.
  20. I said a long time ago that they were out there just waiting for a vendor.
  21. The sling plate is the standard Benelli one.
  22. I think it's fair to say that there will never be a larger caliber MR1. It lived as the failure known as a Beretta RX4 for years before being branded a Benelli and there is no Rx4 in that caliber. To be 100% honest after owning/shooting several MR1's I don't see a .308 doing well. When the .223 gets hot enough to brand a steer I can't imagine a .308.
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