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It really depends on your particular gun, as each one has different charactoristics, and which load/shotshell suits your hunting situation. Two guns could come off the assembly line next to each other and fitted with the same choke and load, shoot two completely different patterns. If you look back through this thread, you will see this same question fought over and defended by people with personal preference and also bias. You will however, notice trends also, as certain chokes and companies being mentioned more than once. My advice is to dig back through this thread and see if any of the ones mentioned (Jelly-Head,Undertaker,Carlson's,etc) get your attention, and then take it from there. This isn't a one answer deal, but it sure is a blast finding the truth!:D

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I think Chad made an excellent response. In my experience, it depends a lot on the barrel length and the shotshell that you prefer to use.


I test a lot of different shotshells and choke tubes in, as far as I can determine, most if not all commercially available barrel types and lengths and see many differences.


There a a number of good to excellent turkey chokes and shotshells today. I have found that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get excellent results.




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