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M1 vs M2 pros & cons


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I have both M1's and M2's and love them all. The M1 is a total workhorse that can take a lot of hard use (ice, crud on the outside of the action--not in the barrel of course--etc.) It keeps on tickin'. It has more metal parts (trigger guard, etc.) than the M2 but that doesn't mean the M2 is cheaper- the M1 feels a bit more substantial.


Both the M1 and M2 are superbly balanced. I'd give the edge to the M2.


If I was lugging a gun in the field all day I'd go with the M2. It has the newer technologies in the cryogenic barrels and chokes and is a bit lighter.


If I was going to be mostly in a duck blind or goose pit or turkey hunting, or if weight is not a critical factor in your consideration, I'd go with the M1.


The M1 has a magazine shell retainer that allows you to unload shells from the magazine without cycling them through the action. That is not possible with the M2 (it is with the Ultralight though.) It's a time saver and safer too.


Otherwise you can't go wrong whatever you get-- Benellis will not let you down when the going gets tough and nasty like a gas operated rig will... (here come the Beretta replies!):p


You might want to reconsider the pistol grip unless it is mostly for HD and/or turkey hunting. It'll raise heck with your wingshooting, I reckon! :D


Happy hunting--

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