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  1. Greetings to all. This is probably not news to some of you, but allow me to point out from my experience in industry that any given manufacturing plant can produce different qualities according to the materials and processes specified by a customer or its own brand management. However, it is almost certain that a high quality plant will not product low quality products. Therefore, I am sure that if Benelli uses/used StarTac for extensions, or Trulock for chokes, then their own branded products should be very good. Any actual experience and comparisons would be very useful. Thanks!
  2. Hello to all, and thanks in advance for any help with this: What are the pros and cons of the Benelli M1 vs the M2? I am comparing the 24" rib vent barrel, "Steady Grip" (i.e. pistol grip) equipped, for HD and hunting. Thanks & regards.
  3. Hello. Do you still have this for sale? Have nothing to trade. Thanks & regards.
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