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Ultralight for Waterfowling?


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Hi everyone,

As of yesterday, I became the proud new owner of a Benelli shotgun :). I traded a Remington model 700 I had for a Benelli Ultralight 12 ga. 24". The Cabelas in Scarborough, Maine had a couple used UL's in great condition for $1,099 which seemed like a decent price. With employee pricing, it came out to just under $950, and with the trade-in I got for the rifle I decided the $447 difference just was too good to pass on. I guess you could consider it my Christmas present to myself this year.


Anyways, I love the gun and have found I can hardly put it away for more than 20 minutes without going back to admire it. It shoulders very nicely and weighs nothing. I am a virgin to Benelli, other than occasionally shooting my father's left handed Montefeltro 12ga.


I did a little homework on the UL before purchasing one, and the feedback on upland hunting seems to be nothing short of excellent. However, I haven't heard much in the way of waterfowling. Does anyone have any experience with the UL waterfowling? Why is it that this gun seems to only see fields, and no duck blinds?


Prior to now I've always shot my synthetic 870 12ga. a.k.a the "crowbar".

I do a fair amount of duck/goose hunting here in Maine and some partridge hunting on the side. I guess I'm just trying to get a real idea of the ultralight's capabilities.

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It's still a 12 ga. shotgun.

It will shoot magnum 3" duck and goose loads with the best of them.

Just hold it a little more tightly than you did that 870.

I'd hate to hear about the pretty gun and a couple of your teeth going in the drink :cool:


Haha! Sounds good.

Thanks for the info.

Crow season can't come fast enough!

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